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Sanya's Landscapes

Sanya's Landscapes

As the only beachfront tropical city in China, Sanya boasts a 258 km long coastline, has a total of 19 bays and beaches, and enjoys over 20 meters of water visibility.
The tropical forests there are well worth discovering. Five forest parks, including Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Phoenix Park and Linchun Park, make the city more like a nature reserve with an excellent ecological environment and air quality.
Sanya has also been known as a place to enjoy a spot of golf for some time and the city offers no fewer than.. 26/03/2015

Sanya's Seasons

Sanya is a tropical coastal city for all seasons. You can do practically anything here, at any time of year.
Flowers blossom throughout the year to make Sanya a getaway for winter chill and summer heat. There is no obvious seasonal activity. Most beach entertainment and games are popular during every season, such as sunbath, diving, sea sports games, etc.


The southernmost part of China has beaches, forests, wildlife and good food. What else do you need?
Sanya has become a popular vacation destination because of its greenery, tropical weather and clean air. While Sanya draws tourists with its beaches, other attractions such as trails for hiking and biking, nature reserves and cultural parks mean that Hainan's tourism scene has a respectable amount of diversity.
Because of its climate and landscapes, Sanya is often referred to as “China's Hawaii” Resorts are springing u..