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Luhuitou Golf Club

Updated: 2017-12-06 14:22:07

Holes: 18
Designer: Nelson and Haworth Golf Course Architects
Tel: +86-0898-8833 8888
Email: rc@lhtgolf.com
Website: www.lhtgolf.com
Address: Luhuitou Development Area, Sanya 三亚市鹿回头高尔夫开发区
Traffic: 30-minute drive to Sanya Phoenix International Airport, 5-minute drive to downtown Sanya



Sanya Luhuitou Golf Course was designed by Mr. Nelson Haworth of N&H, an American golf design company. It is a standard 72-par golf course with a total course length of 7,310 yards. The course and the greens all feature seashore paspalum, which thrives in tropical areas.


With the beautiful Luhuitou Park on one side, the golf course faces the spectacular South China Sea on the other. The azure sea, silvery beach and expansive grassy plains combine to make a location of picture-perfect beauty underneath an almost invariably glorious and cloudless blue sky. It is truly a shining pearl even in a city as beautiful as Sanya.


Invested in by Shanghai Mingshen Group, the golf course has a total area of 2,600 mu (about 1.7 sq km). It is a comprehensive project that integrates golfing, hotels and real estate.

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