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Updated: 2016-01-28 17:15:42


The southernmost part of China has beaches, forests, wildlife and good food. What else do you need?


Sanya has become a popular vacation destination because of its greenery, tropical weather and clean air. While Sanya draws tourists with its beaches, other attractions such as trails for hiking and biking, nature reserves and cultural parks mean that Hainan’s tourism scene has a respectable amount of diversity.


Because of its climate and landscapes, Sanya is often referred to as “China’s Hawaii” Resorts are springing up in response to the growing number of visitors from the mainland.


People familiar with other parts of China will notice a laid-back, less-frenetic pace to life here. Trees thrive along the boulevards of the city, and the rural landscapes start right at the city limits, unlike China’s other sprawling population centers. Likewise, the main resort town of Sanya has quiet, natural areas just off of the well-beaten tourist path.


Sanya offers visitors a fantastic mix of beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, and mountainous regions. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of a local fishing village. Discover the beautiful Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Park and the stunning Phoenix Park. Traverse the road that rise and fall in altitude around the mountains, yielding spectacular views, and choose from an exhilarating range of additional activities on this unforgettable tour.


For more information on Nature, please visit http://www.visitsanya.com/explore-sanyas-icons/.

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