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Low-altitude Sightseeing Tourism

Updated: 2016-08-19 10:21:48

Tourists traveling in Sanya can enjoy a different view of landscape by a low-altitude aircraft hovering above the city.


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Since Hainan was chosen as the pilot region for low-altitude airspace management reform in 2011, the low-altitude flight tourism market has enjoyed rapid growth and has become a new tourism trend of its own on the island.




Low-altitude airspace refers to flying heights between 100 meters and 1,000 meters above ground.


Since the new policy was announced, a number of Chinese companies have set up general aviation operations in Sanya to accommodate the rush of people who want to experience the thrill of a helicopter ride. There are two aviation companies operating in Sanya today — Meiya Air and Yalong General Aviation Co., Ltd., offering a series of low-altitude flight tourism activities including helicopter and seaplane flights.


The helicopter and seaplane routes cover the classic attractions in Sanya, including the Sanya Bay coastline, East Island, Phoenix Island, Luhuitou, Wuzhizhou Island, Haitang Bay, and Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. The tours provide tourists with amazing views of Sanya’s most famous spots.



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Flight altitudes and speeds can be adjusted according to passengers’ preferences, with the goal of catering to customers while allowing for perfect views of the city from above. A preferential charter service will also be available for family customers.


As Sanya has tremendous potential for light aircraft tourism, a variety of themed products such as air weddings, transportation, and self-piloted tours will be on offer to attract a wide range of tourists.



How to book

Meiya Air Travel Co., Ltd. 美亚旅游航空有限公司

Website: www.meiyaair.com/

Reservations: 0898-31896999

Address: Meiya Air Service Center, 1/F, No.8, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya (Next to the Gate of Phoenix Island)



Sanya Yalong General Aviation Co., Ltd. 三亚亚龙通用航空有限公司

Website: www.yltyhk.com/
Reservations: 0898-88391906/88393680
Address: Helicopter Base, oposite to Military Airport, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya