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Restaurants in Sanya

Updated: 2019-11-14 14:34:11



Within ten short years Sanya has made the transition from a beach resort known only to domestic Chinese tourists and few Russians to a city that competes on an equal footing with other tropical island destinations in Asia and the world.

Many five-star hotels and accompanying facilities now available in the city and the surrounding region reflect this dramatic change.


Today visitors to the city are greeted by an exciting and eclectic range of eateries. The best, and safest, restaurants can usually be found in the five-star hotels, where are flying in master chefs from Hong Kong, Japan, and even Europe, elevating Sanya into a wining-and-dining regional force. Though more expensive they rarely disappoint, combining superb food with world-class service and gorgeous décor.




Among the wide range of food on offer in Sanya – delicious fresh seafood or Hainan’s signature dishes such as Wenchang Chicken and Dongshan Lamb – the humble bowel of rice noodles is probably the most commonly seen and easily enjoyed. Besides Hainan dishes, food of other parts of the country also can be found here, making Sanya a good destination for gastronomes.

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The compact scale of the city means that an exciting dining opportunity is never more than a short walk or taxi-ride away.


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