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Water Sports in Sanya

Updated: 2019-06-24 17:06:14

Sanya, as a tropical coastal tourism city which is surrounded by warm waters year-round, is a true paradise for watersports lovers. The area is most popular amongst scuba diving enthusiasts, but lesser-recognized watersports such as yachting and surfing are fast gaining in popularity.


Of course, the gentle tides and calm waters from May to October are perfect for snorkeling, while the wild and rough waves from November to April are great for surfers. Regardless, which watersports you pursue is entirely up to you, whether it be riding the waves on a gentle cruise or zipping across to your destination on a speedboat. Whatever your preferred watersport, there’s no question that Sanya is the place to be.





Sanya is unsurprisingly extremely popular amongst swimmers thanks to its beaches and pristine waters, but please do stick to the designated swimming areas, which are marked by floating balls and rope, for your safety.





Diving is the earliest developed and most popular watersport in Sanya, one that anyone who’s tried it in Sanya agrees isn’t to be missed. Clear waters, fantastic visibility and splendid coral reefs make Sanya one of the world’s best diving areas. The year-round warm waters and comfortable climate also contribute to the popularity of the sport. Nowadays, more and more diving centers and professional instructors are creating a fantastic environment for professional divers and beginners alike.


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Snorkeling in Sanya is an easy alternative to scuba diving as it can be done by anyone provided they’re able to swim. In some cases, you do not even need a boat to reach the coral reefs as there are some located very close to the shore.


The best places for snorkeling in Sanya are the bays with the most popular beaches. Yalong Bay provides great snorkeling opportunities, with coral reefs just a few hundred meters offshore.


Other snorkeling destinations that can be reached from Sanya on a day trip include Wuzhizhou Island and West Island.





Blessed with extremely rich and diverse marine resources and beautiful surroundings, Sanya is one of the best places in the world for anglers to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of fishing at sea.


Sanya’s waters and coral reefs are home to countless species of marine life, with 1,064 different fish, 350 shrimp, 325 crab and 700 mollusks.


Both offshore and deep-sea fishing have become popular in Sanya.


The most popular places for fishing are the East Islet, West Islet, Liudaowan Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, Dadonghai and Xiaodonghai.





Sanya has some of the most beautiful coastlines in Hainan and paragliding is becoming a wonderful way to explore the coastal scenery. One of the best locations for this sport is Wuzhizhou Islet due to its year-round ideal flying conditions.





There is a growing army of dedicated surfers that come to Sanya every year, as well as local expats that know the local beaches and where the best breaks can be found. Many locals are also starting to get in on the surfing action, and setting up businesses renting out boards of all shapes and sizes along with instruction for all skill-levels.






The watersport standup paddling, or SUP as it’s often referred to as, is being taken up by more and more people around the world, including in Sanya.


It’s a good alternative to surfing, and children and beginners can easily learn to paddle in a shallow, sheltered bay. SUP also offers another way to explore Sanya’s coastline and reach places that are inaccessible to boats.


SUP in Sanya can be done year-round but the best time of year is during the drier months of November through April when the seas are calmer.






Sailing is another enjoyable way to explore the beautiful waters around Sanya. In Sanya, it is a hotter tourist activity, which has entertainment, enjoyment, exploration and competition at in one. It is an attracting and exciting water sport, and also a romantic life experience that combines sports and leisure perfectly.






If you want to play cool and get your luxury promoted, then yacht is the top choice. Driving a private yacht across the Southern China Sea is like starting a dream voyage in a shifting palace on the sea. If you are not the host of the yacht, you can still enjoy the top luxury experience as there are plenty of yacht rental companies. What you need is choose your favorite yacht, start the engine and explore the luxury adventure. Along with the internationalization of tourism construction, Sanya is focusing on building a yacht industry cluster here and the initial stage and achievements has been already made.


Banana Boat




Banana boat is one of the thrilling and stimulating marine recreational activities. A rubber kayak is named as “banana boat” as it exactly appears to be a banana. Sitting in the banana boat pulled by a yacht and speeding along on the sea at approximately 50 km/h, you will looks like a steed escaping reins and shuttling freely in the vast azure ocean.






As a popular water sport, Sanya gives motorboat a prime location. The spacious marine area and beaches in Sanya are superior positions for motorboat. Taking advantage of their beachfront locations, many hotels at Yalong Bay and Dadonghai offer motorboat service, supported with coaches and lifesaving gears.


Flying Fish Boat




One of the entertaining water activities in Sanya is flying fish boat. Activities on seawater, using a rubber boat that looks like a real flying fish.






Whether you are a complete beginner or are experienced at paddling, Sanya is a perfect place to try sea kayaking and can be as relaxing or demanding as you choose.


Water Bike




The beautiful bay draws in water biking enthusiasts every day, making Sanya a maritime destination in its own right. While there are many water bikes to be found casually riding the coastline at the coastal attractions.


Jet Boat




Visitors may find this boat on the Wuzhizhou Island, a comfortable spacious boat in a small group to enjoy the excitement of ocean Sanya has to offer.


Powered Skateboard




Jet Ski




Sea sky Flying




Flying Saucers on Water





Tips: Visitors can enjoy these various kinds of watersports at major scenic spots across the city, such as Wuzhizhou Island, West Island, Dadonghai Beach, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay and more.