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2nd batch of 2.2mln free masks handed out in Sanya (24 venues)

Updated: 2020-01-28 20:17:04

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At 4:00 a.m. on January 28th, 2020, the second batch of 2.2 million surgical masks ordered by the Sanya government to improve market supply arrived at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport.


Another 2.2 million surgical masks the Sanya government has ordered are being handed out for free at 24 designated health service stations across the city.


Locals and tourists can each get a maximum of 5 surgical masks at designated health stations across the city upon presentation of their ID cards or passports.


Twenty-four designated health service stations providing surgical masks for residents and tourists are listed below: 

1. Sanya Haitang District Longhai Community Health Service Station 三亚市海棠区龙海社区卫生服务站

Address: Longhai Stylish Township, Haitang District, Sanya 三亚市海棠区龙海风情小镇


2. Sanya Haitang District Jianglin Village (Lin Wang Nan) Health Service Station 三亚市海棠区江林村(林旺南)卫生服务站

Address: Linwangnan Stylish Township, Haitang District, Sanya 三亚市海棠区林旺南风情小镇


3. Sanya Haitang District Linwang Health Center 三亚市海棠区林旺中心卫生院

Address: Linwang Health Center, Haitang Bay Township, Sanya 三亚市海棠湾镇林旺中心卫生院


4. Sanya Haitang District Tengqiao Health Center 三亚市海棠区藤桥卫生院

Address: Tengqiao Health Center, Haitang Bay Township, Sanya 三亚市海棠湾镇藤桥卫生院


5.Sanya Hedong Community Health Service Center 三亚市河东社区卫生服务中心

Address: 67 Shangpin Street, Hedong Community, Sanya 三亚市河东区商品街67号


6. Sanya Hedong Community Shangpin Street Health Service Station 三亚市河东区商品街卫生服务站

Address: 67 Shangpin Street, Hedong Community, Sanya 三亚市河东区商品街67号


7. Sanya Hedong Community Danzhou Community Health Service Station 三亚市河东区丹州社区卫生服务站

Address: 150 meters inside from the entrance of Hailuo Village Committee, Sanya 三亚市海罗村委会路口内进150米


8. Sanya Hedong Community Luhuitou Health Service Station 三亚市河东社区鹿回头卫生服务站

Address: 22, Block 2, Luhuitou Community, Sanya 三亚市鹿回头安置区联排2栋22号


9. Sanya Hedong Community Yuechuan Health Service Station 三亚市河东区月川卫生服务站

Address: Near Yuechuan Neighborhood Committee, 294, Hedong Road, Sanya 三亚市河东路294号月川居委会旁


10. Sanya Hedong Community Hongsha Health Service Station 三亚市河东社区红沙卫生服务站

Address: Near the Hongsha Primary School, Renmin Street, Hongsha Community, Hedong Community, Sanya 三亚市河东区红沙社区人民街红沙小学旁


11. Sanya Hedong Community Dadonghai Community Health Service Station 三亚市河东区大东海社区卫生服务站

Address: 21-1 Hou Niao Wu, 21, Yuya Road, Sanya 三亚市榆亚路21号候鸟屋首层21-1号


12. Sanya Jiyang District Tiandu Health Center 三亚市吉阳区田独卫生院

Address: 5 Jiyang Avenue, Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区吉阳大道5号


13. Sanya Jiyang District Lizhigou Health Center 三亚市吉阳区荔枝沟卫生院

Address: 188 Lizhigou Road, Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区荔枝沟路188号


14. Sanya Tianya District Hexi Community Health Service Station 三亚市天涯区河西社区卫生服务中心

Address: 064 Hongqi Street, Sanya 三亚市红旗街064号


15. Sanya Tianya District Sanya Bay Health Service Station 三亚市天涯区三亚湾卫生服务中心

Address: 1089 Jiefang Road, Sanya 三亚市解放路1089号


16. Sanya Jinjiling Community Health Service Station 金鸡岭社区卫生服务站

Address: Jinjiling Community, Sanya 三亚市金鸡岭社区


17. Sanya Hexi Community Chaoyang Community Health Service Station 三亚市河西区朝阳社区卫生服务站

Address: 18 Jingde Lane, Jixiang Street, Sanya 三亚市吉祥街景德巷18号


18. Sanya Chunyuan Community Health Service Station 春园社区卫生服务站

Address: Xinfeng Road, Sanya 三亚市新风路


19. Sanya Tianya District Maling Health Center 三亚市天涯区马岭卫生院

Address: 28 Xiyi Street, Maling Community, Tianya District, Sanya 三亚市天涯区马岭社区西一街28号


20. Sanya Tianya District Fenghuang Health Center 三亚市天涯区凤凰卫生院

Address: 342, Fenghuang Road, Tianya District, Sanya 三亚市天涯区凤凰片区凤凰路342号


21. Sanya Tianya District Gaofeng Health Center 三亚市天涯区高峰卫生院

Address: Gaofeng Baoqian Village, Tianya District, Sanya 三亚市天涯区高峰抱前村委会


22. Sanya Yacheng Central Health Center 三亚市崖城镇中心卫生院

Address: Yacheng Township, Sanya 三亚市崖城镇


23. Sanya Yazhou District Meishan Health Center 三亚市崖州区梅山卫生院

Address: Meishan Health Center, Yacheng Township, Sanya 三亚市崖城镇梅山卫生院


24. Sanya Yazhou District Baogang Health Center 三亚市崖州区保港卫生院

Address: Baogang Area, Yacheng Township, Sanya 三亚市崖城镇保港区