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How to properly dispose of used protective masks?

Updated: 2020-01-27 23:06:21



At medical institutions:

Dispose of the used masks in clinical waste garbage bags. Medical institutions can then dispose of clinical waste professionally.


At home or elsewhere:

1. For non-infected individuals:

Throw the used masks into the “Other Waste” dustbin.

2. For people who may be sick:

Give your used masks to medical workers for proper disposal if you see a doctor and seek medical treatment at a hospital.

3. For those who have symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, sneeze, and/or congestion, or for those who have come into contact with people with the aforementioned symptoms:

Put your used masks in the dustbin, then sterilize them with disinfectant. You can also tie up the garbage bags to seal them up if you don’t have disinfectant.


What else should you do to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

- Do not touch used masks!

- Do not put used masks in your bag or pockets!