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Before You go

Planning a trip to Sanya

This site provides a rich pool of data and information so you can plan a memorable visit while you are in Sanya or even before you come.
Sanya is easily accessible whether you are coming or going by air, land or sea. Sanya’s Phoenix International Airport has direct flights to all the major cities and regions in China. As of September, 2019, Sanya has opened air routes to 28 countries and three regions, connecting 31 overseas cities. So far, more than 480,000 travelers have come to the city with the benefit of visa-free ac..
Plan Your Trip While You're Here

Chinese Public Holidays 2020

Visa Information

Hainan Visa-free entry policy
❖ Tourists applying for visa-free entry to Hainan must be registered with a Hainan travel agency.
The travel agency must submit travelers’ information to the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of Hainan Province 24 hours before they arrive. It is recommended that travelers submit their passports, hotel reservation information, round-trip ticket in..

Study in Sanya

foreign The International School of Sanya 三亚国际外籍人员子女学校
It is the Hainan’s first school for children of foreign personnel approved by the Education Department of Hainan Province, enrolling children of foreign personnel who have legal certificates of residence in Hainan.
Located at the Serenity Coast Community (Ban Shan Ban Dao She Qu), the international school covers a land area of 33,000 sqm..

Useful Tips

Tips for holidaymakers in Sanya
1. Please only choose licensed tour companies, and avoid getting lured in by false offers such as the heavily discounted tours on leaflets often distributed on the street.
2. Please sign formal travel contracts with licensed travel agencies when booking local tours and activities.
3. Please dive only in safe waters designated and managed by li..

Health & Safety

1. Personal safety
1.1. Please arrange a manageable travel itinerary. It is the tropics, do enjoy the sun, but avoid overexertion be wary of heatstroke.
1.2. Bring essential personal items including a first aid kit and sunblock, flu tablets, anti-diarrheal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, plasters, and any other items your doctor suggests you take. If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or nauseo..

Customs & Quarantine

International Customs Clearance
Channel Selection
Choose the correct channel for Customs inspection
Customs has two channels, a “Declaration Channel” and a “Non-declaration Channel.”
Passengers entering or leaving the country without articles that need to be declared to the customs are not required to fill in the Customs Baggage Declaration Form of the People’s Republic..