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Customs & Quarantine

Updated: 2017-07-31 15:56:25


International Customs Clearance


Channel Selection


Choose the correct channel for Customs inspection

Customs has two channels, a “Declaration Channel” and a “Non-declaration Channel.”

Passengers entering or leaving the country without articles that need to be declared to the customs are not required to fill in the Customs Baggage Declaration Form of the People’s Republic of China, and shall proceed thru customs formalities by going through the “Non-declaration Channel” (commonly known as the “Green Channel”).


Passengers entering or leaving the country (except those who are exempt from customs inspection and passengers below 16 who are traveling with adults) with articles needing to be declared shall fill in the Declaration Card and choose the “Declaration Channel” (commonly known as the “Red Channel”) to go through customs formalities. Those still uncertain about the regulations should voluntarily select the “Declaration Channel” and make a written declaration at the Declaration Counter, as any other form of declaration, made in another manner, or at another time and place, will not be recognized as a valid declaration.


When going through Customs, outgoing and incoming passengers holding diplomatic or a courtesy visa issued by the administrative departments of China shall voluntarily show the valid certificates to the Customs, so as to be exempted from inspection.


The scope of declarable articles

Fundamental principle: articles carried by outgoing and incoming passengers shall be limited to within a reasonable amount and shall be intended only for personal use, and any excess shall be faithfully declared to Customs.


Goods to Declare


Declarable articles carried by incoming passengers:

Incoming passengers carrying any of the following articles shall fill in a Declaration Form and present the articles to Customs for inspection and go through the necessary formalities:

1) Animals and plants, and products made of animals and plants, micro-organism, biological products, human organism, blood products;

2) Articles worth more than RMB5000 (including 5000, same below) of personal use;

3) Articles worth more than RMB2000 that non-resident passengers intend to leave in China;

4)Alcohol (containing more than 12% alcohol) of a volume more than 1500 ml; more than 400 cigarettes; more than 100 cigars; more than 500 g cut tobacco ;

5) More than RMB 20,000 in cash, or cash in foreign currency equivalent to more than 5000 US dollars;

6) Separately-transported baggage, goods, samples of goods, advertisements;

7) Other articles to be declared to the Customs.


Articles prohibited from entering and exiting China

Passengers carrying articles listed among the List of Articles Prohibited from Entering and Leaving China, will have such articles confiscated or be forced to take back such articles. If otherwise, the articles will have to be destroyed under the supervision of Customs. In severe circumstances passengers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Articles prohibited from entering China:

1) All varieties of weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition, and explosives;

2) Counterfeit currencies and counterfeit securities;

3)Prints, roll films, photos, disc, movies, tapes, video tape, computer storage media and other articles that impair the politics, economics, culture, and morals of China.

4) All varieties of strong poison;

5) Opium, morphine, heroin, Marijuana, and other highly addictive narcotic and psychoactive drugs;

6) Fresh fruits, eggplant vegetables, living animals (dogs and cats excluded), products made of animals and plants, pathogenic micro-organisms of animals and plants, insect pest and other harmful organisms, animal carcasses, soil, materials of transgenic organisms, relevant plants and animals in countries and regions where there is an epidemic, and products of such plants and animals, and other articles that require inspection;

7) Unsanitary foods, medicine or other articles; those imported from the epidemic area; and other foods or medicines that may produce or breed infectious diseases;


Articles prohibited from leaving China:

1) All articles that are prohibited from entering China;

2) Manuscripts, prints, films, photos, discs, movies, tapes, video tape, computer storage media and other articles that involve state secrets;

3) Rare cultural relics and other relics that are prohibited from leaving China;

4) Endangered and rare plants and animals (including their specimens) and seeds and propagating materials.


 Sanya Customs Bureau 三亚海关

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Address: 77, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya 三亚市三亚湾路77号




Leaving the Country


Information concerning pets leaving the country

For relevant regulations, please refer to the websites of the Inspection and Quarantine bureau, and Customs of the arrival country. Contact relevant agencies concerning incoming and outgoing animals in the destination country in China, inquire regarding the formalities, documents (e.g., official quarantine certificate) and costs required for carrying animals into/out of the country.



Entering the Country


Articles prohibited from entering China

1) Human blood and products of human blood;

2) Fruits, red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes;

3) Animal carcasses and specimens;

4) Soil;

5) Pathogenic organisms of plants and animals, insect pests, and other harmful organism;

6) Living animals (companion dogs and cats excluded) and such hereditary material as semen, zygote and embryo of the animals;

7)eggs, pelt and hide, mane, bones, hoofs and horns, oil and fat, fleshes (including viscera) and flesh products, fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream, whey powder, silkworm pupae, silkworm eggs, animal blood and products of animal blood, products of aquatic animals;

8) Transgenic biomaterials;

9) Worn-out clothes.

Passengers carrying the articles mentioned above shall present them to inspection and quarantine officials who will dispose of the articles, or discard the articles into an inspection and quarantine disposal container.



Articles allowed to be carried but to be required to be declared

1) Seeds, seedlings, and other propagating materials, tobacco leaves, grains and cereal, peas and beans (such will require inspection approvals);

2) Fresh flowers, cut flowers, and dried flowers;

3) Vegetative samples, exhibits, specimen;

4) Dried fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables and frozen vegetables;

5) Products made of bamboo, canes, willows, grass and woods;

6)Dogs and cats (companion animals, only one limited for each passenger, and such passengers shall carry the corresponding immunity certificate and the quarantine certificate issued by the official quarantine department of the departure country, and the cat or dog having entered China must be subject to a 30-day quarantine in the place specified by the inspection and quarantine unit);

7) Import-licensed human blood and products made of human blood, micro-organisms, human organisms, and biological products.

Passengers carrying articles such as those mentioned above should declare them and go through the necessary quarantine procedures.


Sanya Entry-Exit Inspection andQuarantine Bureau 三亚出入境检验检疫局

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