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Health & Safety

Updated: 2015-03-27 17:40:38


1. Personal safety

1.1. Please arrange a manageable travel itinerary. It is the tropics, do enjoy the sun, but avoid overexertion be wary of heatstroke.

1.2. Bring essential personal items including a first aid kit and sunblock, flu tablets, anti-diarrheal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, plasters, and any other items your doctor suggests you take. If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or nauseous, please consult a doctor immediately.

1.3. In case of fire, do not panic. Try to use wet bed sheets, wet quilts and other items to cover yourself before escaping from your room. Use the stairs to escape, don’t use the elevator or jump from the building. If you are trapped in a room, open the windows and plug the doorframe with quilts to reduce the amount of smoke that gets in. Splash the door with water to reduce its temperature and flammability. Yell from the window and wave colorful items on the balcony to attract attention.

1.4. Read safety notices carefully before swimming, motor boating, parasailing, bungee jumping, rafting or taking part in any other high-risk, challenging or extreme sports. Please make sure you can handle the physical activities, and take the necessary precautions under the instruction of qualified professionals.

1.5. Limit swimming in both public pools and designated bathing beaches during their opening hours and follow relevant safety regulations. Pay attention to the weather, tide changes and safety notices. Please do not swim in the ocean during falling tides, strong waves, typhoons, thunderstorms or other extreme weather.

1.6. Do not go swimming when you feel sick or after drinking. Yell out for help or swim back to the shore if you feel uncomfortable or the weather changes suddenly. Children must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult, and swim in the children’s pool.

1.7. Be careful when walking in the changing rooms, around the swimming pools or through other wet and slippery places.

1.8. Bring first aid equipment with you and make sure you are fit enough for hiking and the other outdoor high-intensity activities you have planned before you set off, and pay close attention to the weather and traffic conditions. Choose safe routes when hiking in the mountains. Hiking should be avoided if suffering from health problems, or in bad or very hot weather. Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers when you are hiking in rainforests to prevent mosquito bites. Don’t try exploring unchartered areas!


2. Safety advice for hotel guests

2.1. Please familiarize yourself with your surroundings as soon as possible after you check in. Take note of the location of exits, emergency exits and fire-fighting equipment of the hotel.

2.2. Do not go out alone at night exploring dark places outdoors without a qualified guide. Make sure that you have informed your tour leader, guide or family members before going out. Do remember to take your hotel card whenever you go.

2.3. Do not open your door to someone who knocks uninvited. Check doors and windows every time you go to sleep. Make sure your valuable personal belongings are stored in a safe.


3. Safety tips for drivers

3.1. Carefully inspect the physical condition of a vehicle before you drive it.

3.2. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

3.3. Make sure traffic regulations are observed at all times while driving and avoid speeding or overloading.

3.4. During extreme weather such as typhoons and thunderstorms, do not drive (stay inside your hotel).

3.5. Do not talk to drivers while they are driving. Never put your head, hands or legs out of the car windows.

3.6. When you leave your car, lock the doors and ensure windows are up, and keep your valuable personal possessions out of sight.

3.7. Follow China’s road traffic rules at all times. Do not panic when traffic accidents occur. Call 122 to report traffic accidents.


4. Keep your valuable personal items safe.

4.1. Please keep your ID card, passport and other valuables safe when traveling in Sanya.

4.2. Do remember to close the door and windows of your hotel room when you go out. Leave your valuables with the front desk or keep them in a safe deposit box if necessary.

4.3. Please take good care of your personal belongings especially in public places such as the hotel lobby, restaurants, shopping malls, docks, bus stations and the airport.


5. Food safety tips

5.1. Pay close attention to food quality and labels. Do not purchase any food that doesn’t list the name of manufacturer, manufacturing date and manufacturer’s address.

5.2. Wash your hands before meals.

5.3. Be cautious when trying fruits or snacks which are new or strange to you.

5.4. Be wary of offers of cigarettes, illicit drugs or beverages from strangers.