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Study in Sanya

Updated: 2017-07-31 15:10:51

The International School of Sanya 三亚国际外籍人员子女学校



It is the Hainan’s first school for children of foreign personnel approved by the Education Department of Hainan Province, enrolling children of foreign personnel who have legal certificates of residence in Hainan.


Located at the Serenity Coast Community (Ban Shan Ban Dao She Qu), the international school covers a land area of 33,000 sqm and has a capacity for 2,000 students.


The school will provide a full school curriculum for students all the way from kindergarten to high-school.


The international classes are taught by certified teachers from Canada who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education and the Mandarin classes are taught by certified Chinese teachers.


The International School of Sanya 三亚国际外籍人员子女学校

Tel: +86-898-3188 3111
Address: Ban Shan Ban Dao, Sanya 三亚市半山半岛


Sanya University 海南大学三亚学院



Sanya University is an undergraduate university authorized by the Ministry of Education. Within easy reach of mountains and sea, the campus is located beside the Luobi Cave Site, a famous cultural relic on Yingbin Road in Sanya.


The College campus covers an area of 200 hectares, with a total floor space of more than 40 thousand square meters. It has modern teaching and living facilities including a hotel offering the services of accommodation and conferences, an arts center, a high-tech library, two standard swimming pools, a golf driving range, stadiums, as well as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, etc.


The university has 13 schools, offering 45 undergraduate majors. Since its establishment in 2004, the College, taking “To Better Equip Students for Society in the Future” as its mission, has kept developing steadfastly at a high speed by innovating constantly and forging ahead aggressively with the support of the Hainan Provincial and Sanya Municipal Governments. Today, the College accommodates a student population of nearly 20,000.


Sanya University 海南大学三亚学院

Tel: +86-898-8838 6666
Address: Xueyuan Road, Yingbin Revenue, Sanya 三亚市迎宾大道学院路


Hainan Tropical Ocean University 海南热带海洋学院



Hainan Tropical Ocean University is a provincial state-owned university authorized by the Ministry of Education, China. It’s one of the ten “Educational Aid Centers for Asia & Africa” authorized by the Ministry of Education.


The university covers over 1500 acres, with two campuses; one in the tropical resort city of Sanya, the other at the elevated and ecological “jade mountain city” of Wuzhishan, both on Hainan Island.


The university has more than 1,000 faculty members, including quite a number of international teachers. More than 60% of them are faculty members and 30% of faculty members are professors, associate professors and teachers with doctorates.


The university places a great focus on foreign exchanges and cooperation by constantly innovating to keep pace with international developments in education. Qiongzhou University has already started academic cooperation with many well-known universities in the United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Australia and other countries.


Hainan Tropical Ocean University 海南热带海洋学院

Tel: +86-898-8865 1896
Address: 1, Yucai Road, Sanya 三亚市育才路1号