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Useful Tips

Updated: 2017-07-31 19:16:45


Tips for holidaymakers in Sanya


1. Please only choose licensed tour companies, and avoid getting lured in by false offers such as the heavily discounted tours on leaflets often distributed on the street.


2. Please sign formal travel contracts with licensed travel agencies when booking local tours and activities.


3. Please dive only in safe waters designated and managed by licensed diving schools in Sanya.


4. Dine only at fully licensed restaurants and check carefully both the menu’s prices before ordering and the bill before paying to avoid being ripped-off.


5. To buy souvenirs, please visit licensed stores and not stalls on the street or black market stores recommended by motorbike taxis or cabbies. (Note: all motorbike taxis are illegal in Sanya)


6. Please be vigilant against fraud and remember to ask for official receipts (fapiao) with purchases. Official receipts can be useful evidence and help you claim compensation after buying inferior quality or faulty products.


7. To learn more about the charges of travel agencies, diving schools, seafood stalls and other commercial establishments, please contact the service hotline as follow:


Sanya Resident and Visitor Information Center 


Service Hotline: 12345/12301
Address: 19, Yuya Road, Sanya, Hainan 海南省三亚市榆亚路19号

Note: Both the 12345 and 12301 hotlines are available in English, Korean, and Russian for 24 hours.