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Updated: 2018-01-17 12:06:06

One-day tours in Sanya

The resort city of Sanya is located on the southern tip of Hainan Island. The transport network and communication infrastructures in Sanya are among the best in the world, making travelling around the city and its surrounding areas, and indeed the wider Hainan region, quick and easy. For this reason, one-day trips from Sanya to the fantastic surrounding scenic beauty-spots and attractions during your holiday are highly recommended. Such one day tours can be made in a private car, using public transport, by boat, by bicycle, on foot or as part of a tour organized by a travel agent.


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By rental car, taxi or self-driving

Sanya is a great city for driving. The traffic is generally light, the roads well-maintained and the scenery makes every kilometer a joy. To make it easy to plan your motoring holiday, the following places can comfortably be visited on one-day trips from Sanya by hire car, public bus or taxi. You can plan your itineraries based on how long you’ll be travelling and where you want to go.


Within each route we include a detailed description of each leg of the journey, along with scenic highlights.



Here is a list of places for one-day trips in Sanya where you can drive yourself. You can plan your itineraries based on how long you’ll be travelling and where you want to go. Within each route we include a detailed description of each leg of the journey, along with scenic highlights.


Sanya City Center route




i)            Luhuitou Park: High on a hill, the park offers one of the best vantage points in all of Sanya to marvel at the beautiful ocean panorama and the expanding metropolitan jewel that lies below. The gentle breeze coming from the South China Sea is a wonderful part of the experience, especially when watching the sunrise or sunset.



ii)          Dadonghai Beach: Dadonghai is the earliest-developed resort bay and popular as a compact resort complex where tourists are never far from bars, clubs, restaurants, malls, hotels and the beach.





iii)        Xiaodonghai Beach: The beach is located at the foot of Luhuitou Peninsula, where nature is celebrated and privacy assured. It is also one of the best places for diving, where water visibility is over 6 meters and there are over 600 different species of aquatic creatures to marvel at.



iv)         Phoenix Hill Park: This hilltop park has stunning panoramic views of Sanya and the surrounding countryside, from Sanya Bay to Yalong Bay. This park is especially worth a visit as the best place in the city to catch the magnificent sunsets over Sanya Bay.


sanya bay

v)           Sanya Bay: the 22-kilometer Sanya Bay is picture-perfect, with a white sandy beach and pristine blue sea. This is a wonderful location where you can also fully immerse yourself in the rich local culture.


Yalong Bay coastline route




i)            Yalong Bay Sea Shell Museum: Visitors can admire over 300 kinds of multicolored rare and valuable shells along with corals here, and the collection boasts exhibits from all five of the planet’s oceans. There is also a souvenir store selling exquisite and distinctive shell products and souvenirs.




ii)         Yalong Bay Tropical Rainforest Park: The park is positioned as a world-class eco-tourism and eco-resort forest park, and covers a total area of over 1,500 hectares. It is a great place for hiking, outdoor team-building retreats and sightseeing.


Haitang Bay coastline route



i)           Wuzhizhou Island: this popular tourist spot is regarded as China’s No.1 diving destination. Tourists can also enjoy a huge number of water sports, including speed boating, surfing, gliding, sailing, fishing and many more.



ii)          Coconut Island: there are over 10,000 coconut trees on the island, from which the island takes its name. It is one of Hainan’s most pristine natural islands. The island is accessible by small boat, and the trip to and from the island is a wonderful photo opportunity with clear views of coconut island and the surrounding ocean panorama, and fascinating tropical fish and other marine wildlife in the crystal-clear waters below.




iii)          Nantian Hot Spring: There are over 60 hot spring pools here, which boast 34 unique properties and aromatherapies, including red wine, coffee, vanilla, coconut milk and a range of medicinal herbs. The springs’ temperatures remain at around 56°C year-round and the hot spring is widely hailed as the No.1 Hot Spring in China.


Western Sanya Scenic route



i)            Tianyahaijiao: It’s very easy here to forget where you are and get lost in the seeming remoteness of the area with its dense verdant hills, pure white sands, turquoise waters and clear azure sky.




orchid1 orchid2 orchid3

ii)          Orchid World: the world’s largest tropical orchid theme park. The park is home to a total of over two million flowers from over 3000 species, including more than 300 varieties of precious wild orchids.



iii)         Nanshan: Located 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Sanya city center, the Tang Dynasty-styled theme park is nestled at the foot of Nashan Mountain (South Mountain), an ideal eco-tourism and spiritual site for Buddhist and non-Buddhist visitors alike. The park is divided into three zones: the Hainan Custom Culture Park, the Blessing and Longevity Park and the Buddhism Culture Park.



iv)           Daxiaodongtian: This is the Taoist tourist attraction at the southernmost point of China. Thanks to its wonderful sea, mountain, rocks, and caves, it is has been one of the most popular attractions amongst visitors to Hainan Island for 800 years.




v)    Yacheng Town: Yacheng is the southernmost township in China and from the Song Dynasty (AD960-1279) to 1959 was the political, commercial and military centre of the county. The town includes notable sites such as Wenming Gate, Yingwang Tower, Yacheng Confucius Academy and the historical ‘old street’.


Eastern Sanya Scenic route:



i)        Nanwan Monkey Island Ecological Zone: A forested island with a Monkey reserve and floating seafood restaurants.



ii)          Boundary Island Ecological Culture Resort: A beautiful marine park perfect for water sports


 Sanya’s surrounding area route (Baoting county area)



i)            Mt. Qixianling: This scenic spot 76 kilometers from Sanya is the largest natural hot spring tourism area in Hainan. It features hot springs, unique peaks, rich minority ethnic culture and matchless tropical scenery.



ii)          Yanoda: Visitors can experience true tranquility and uncover for themselves the mysteries of the dense forest, enjoy playing in waterfalls and experience first-hand the intense exhilaration of crossing the sky bridge.



iii)        Binglanggu Valley: The reserve consists of three main sections: a Li Minority village, a Miao Minority village and tropical jungle. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hainan and is among its top ten scenic spots.



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