Duty Free Shopping and Pickup Guide in Sanya Airport

Since December 30, 2020, Sanya Airport Duty Free Shop has officially opened, located near Gate 206 to 208 of Terminal T1. It adopts the mode of "buy and pick up", and the business hours are 7:00 to 22:00.


PART.01『Instructions for Delivery』

When you need to pick up the goods after purchasing goods at other duty-free shops online or offline, if you purchase the CDF product, please pick up the goods at the pick-up point ① and pick-up point ② according to your airline; if you buy other non-CDF duty-free goods such as HTDF and CNSC, Hainan Development Holding (not yet opened), TIMES DF(not yet opened) and other non-CDF duty-free shops, please pick up the goods at the pick-up point ③.

PART.02『Information of Duty Free Pickup Point』

Duty-free goods pickup point ①

Located near the gate 109 of terminal T1, the airlines are: Hainan Airlines (HU), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Sichuan Airlines (3U), Juneyao Airlines (HO), Xiamen Airlines (MF), Chang'an Airlines (9H), Chengdu Airlines (EU), Lucky Air (8L), Shanghai Aviation (FM), Spring Airlines (9C), Grand China Airlines (CN), Loong Airlines (GJ), Jiuyuan Airlines (AQ), Transmile Air Services (Y8), Fuzhou Airlines (FU), GX Airlines (GX) , Okay Airlines (BK), China Airlines (G5), China United Airlines (KN).

Duty-free goods pickup point ②


Located near the gate 215 of terminal T1, the airlines are: China Southern Airlines (CZ), Capital Airlines (JD), Air China (CA), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Tianjin Airlines (GS), West Air (PN), Hebei Airlines (NS), Tibet Airlines (TV), Shandong Airlines (SC), Hunan Airlines (A6), Qingdao Airlines (QW), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Guilin Airlines (GT).

Duty-free goods pickup point ②

Located near gates 110 to 113 in Terminal T1, without distinction between airlines.


It is recommended that you arrange your travel time reasonably. If you want to pick up duty-free goods or buy duty-free goods in the airport duty-free shops, please arrive at the airport in advance to complete the check-in procedures.