Visiting CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza

In addition to the usual duty-free goods such as fragrances, cosmetics, clothes and bags, CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza features health, handicrafts, digital products and so on.

CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza not only covers common international famous brands such as perfume and cosmetics, jewelry, luggage and leather goods, clothing, watches and clock, wine, but also introduces health products, handicrafts such as porcelain and watches, 3C digital products, sporting goods and other featured products.

PART 1 Types of Goods Worth Buying

Specialty of SINOPHARM and unique of CNSC --Health & Life Hall

Combined with the characteristic positioning of "health tourism" in Hainan, CNSC duty-free, as a duty-free brand of SINOPHARM, enjoys the exclusive advantages of brand, trust, supply chain and other aspects! Since its opening on December 30, 2020, consumers' enthusiasm for Health & Life Hall has only increased. The products from Health & Life Hall have always been the most worthy of the recommendation of CNSC duty-free.

Health & Life Hall introduces healthy food, health food, household medical equipment, small massage instrument, tonic, electric toothbrush and other categories. and gathers well-known global health brands: Fancl, Swisse, Move Free, Jamieson, GNC, CHEONG KWAN JANG, Natural Bounty and other international health brands. In addition, for the first time, Yijia'an, Yizhan, Shouyuanchang and other brands of Chinese medicine have been stationed in the island.


FANCL, a Japanese brand focus on "no additives", has a very good reputation. The product formula is customized according to the needs of different groups of people, and the price is relatively affordable within the healthy food line, which is acceptable to most consumers. Its age comprehensive nutrition package, functional nutrition package and other hot selling products are worth buying.



Swisse, a professional nutrition brand from Australia, is a star brand in Australia. Deep sea fish oil, cranberry effervescent tablets, protein powder, etc. are very worth buying.



A Japanese advanced skin care brand, won the Japanese "the first favorite cosmetics for young women" for many consecutive years. Its【anti-sugar drink】is more popular among Japanese women without negative reviews in the past 4 years. And it advocates anti-sugar. With the supplementation of collagen, it is deeply loved by millions of Japanese women.


Other recommended goodies

Yizhan's bird's nest, Usmile's electric toothbrush, Shouyuanchang's saffron and Bio-E's enzyme are selling very well in Health & Life Hall. It's good to buy one for yourself or as a gift for your relatives and friends!


3C digital-the only product category that is all duty-free with all kinds of brands and varieties on the island.

It is understood that the brands and categories of digital products of the CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza is the most complete among all the duty-free shops in Sanya, which will trigger a buying boom as soon as it open. In addition to Apple and other hot selling brands, it has also introduced Samsung, Sony, DJI, Switch, Alienware, Microsoft and other brands, and the brand is complete. In addition to more favorable duty-free prices, many brands can also receive coupons.

There is also a digital interactive experience area on the third floor of CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza. There are popular folding screen mobile phones, game machines, UAVs, smart speakers, computers, smart watches, etc. Here you can try various devices and professional staff will answer your questions.


Artware-unique in the island

CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza introduces porcelain, clocks and other handicrafts that are not available in other duty-free shops on the island. Hermle Clocks and Kuckucksuhr Clocks series, the characteristic products of the Hansnlin in Germany, Hermes brand Lladró in porcelain in Spanish, and Wedgwood, a century old high-end porcelain product from the UK ......The exquisite porcelain ornaments on the shelves instantly catch your attention.


Sporting goods -- the first duty-free shop in the global golf industry

CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza has the first duty-free shop in the global golf industry. Callaway from the United States and Majesty from Japan have settled in this shopping park. Now there is a discount of 25%. It's very cost-effective to buy these products in the duty-free shop. If you have a need for those products, you can go to the shop to have a look.


PART 2 Highlights

1.Location: downtown area with convenient transportation

CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza is located in Sanya Hongzhou Square, which is located in the commercial center, tourist center and sports center of the city. Superior geographical location brings together the vitality of all parties in the city: international yacht marina; the pleasant scenery of Luhuitou and Phoenix Island; shopping mall, food street and bar street; And it takes only 20-40 minutes to get to the airport and railway station and it's very convenient.


2.Unique scenery-the only offshore duty free shopping place with yacht marina

CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza is close to the international yacht marina. With yachts and sailboats floating on the sea, you will have a chance to see the magnificent sight of row of yachts sailing out to sea, which makes you feel like traveling through Cannes!


3.Service experience -- health examination, terrace coffee bar, and bird's nest and other special food

In order to make the tourists enjoy comfortable service experience while shopping, the duty-free shop has specially set up many experience areas such as yacht scenery viewing area, coffee leisure area, Sinopharm health experience area, digital interactive area.


In the Sinopharm Health Experience Area on the third floor of the duty-free shop, professional health consultants will recommend products that meet your needs for you through the free health testing and consulting services. There are free blood lipid measurement, health checkup and other items, you can experience them here.


After shopping, you can also order an afternoon tea, relax in the terrace coffee bar, enjoy the yacht scenery, overlook the sea, and feel the coconut breeze. This is the most relaxing holiday time, and you can also have a bird's nest!


PART 3 Duty-Free Shopping and Pickup Guide

At present, there are three floors in the duty-free shopping area:

The first floor is mainly composed of perfume/cosmetics, jewelry, watches, fine glasses, and some maternal and baby products, etc.;

The second floor is mainly composed of digital products, leather bags, clothing, crafts, porcelain, toys and so on, as well as LEGO table for children;

The third floor is mainly composed of health food, tonics, medical equipment and wine. It is also the most distinctive floor of China service Sanya International duty-free shopping park.

When you stroll around here, you will find that CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza is quiet different from other duty-free shops and the highlights are very obvious. In addition to comfortable shopping experience and a wide range of new settled international brands, CNSC Sanya International Duty Free Plaza also has great advantages in terms of price, such as drinks, perfume, cosmetics and other goods with high consumption tax rate, which is about 10% - 45% lower than the price of the same goods in the general tax market; Digital, health, porcelain, golf and other key brands also have obvious advantages in price.