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Riding is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process. When you come to Sanya, try a riding trip, travel in a simple and environmentally friendly way. Although there are difficulties that constantly come during the riding, it is also the fun of the journey, the challenge, and the experience of success at the end of the journey.

Marine Activities

With an area of 6,000 square kilometers, Sanya has a wide variety of activities about the sea, including sunbathing, seawater bathing, beach bathing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach motorcycles and other beach entertainment, as well as traditional activities such as paragliding, motorboats, banana boats and speedboats. Meanwhile, the rise of windsurfing, skateboarding and other sports also become a popular marine entertainment project for tourists in recent years


Sea waters in Sanya are vast with clear and transparent seawater and gorgeous underwater scenery, and seawater visibility generally reaches 8 to 16 meters, with some places reaching 25 meters. It has been hailed by international diving experts as one of the most suitable tourist destinations for diving in the South Pacific. In addition to enjoying the sun, sand, waves, coconut trees and other island style in Sanya, you must dive into the colorful world of the sea.

Land sport

With the azure sea, the sky-high coconut trees and the golden sandy beaches. play some simple sports to spend time on the beach is not only for relaxing, but more importantly, it soothes people's mood.
In Sanya, some of the relatively popular land sport are beach soccer and beach volleyball. Sanya has unique beach resources, more suitable for the golden beach and friends to have a cheerful volleyball or soccer game, feel the sweat and sand mingled together enthusiasm.

Sea fishing

In Sanya, if you think it's a bit overwhelming to play those "wind and waves" water sports, you can also find yourself a bit of quiet fun - sea fishing, you can also go out fishing, in addition to having fun, you can also find some lucky things to do--be an authentic fisherman...

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing, known as "rock ballet" and "gymnastics on the cliff", is a sport derived from mountaineering and is very skillful and adventurous. Sanya has a rare natural rock climbing wall near the sea, which is a very ideal place for natural rock climbing. While climbing to the peak, climbers can enjoy the pleasure of climbing and view the beautiful scenery of Dadonghai, which is exciting and enjoyable.

Low-Altitude Aviation Tours

Low-altitude tourism is an emerging tourism industry in Sanya. Combining Sanya's unique resource advantages, low-altitude transportation such as helicopters, seaplanes, and powered delta wings allows tourists to soar in the sky and overlook the magnificent mountains, sea, islands and bays of Sanya. In addition to multiple air tour routes in Sanya, it is possible to implement the “mountain-sea interaction” with the stops at Wuzhishan Mountain, Ledong, Haikou and other Hainan cities and counties.

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Sailboats & Yachts

Set sail and cleave through the waves! The new luxury tourism products represented by yachts and sailboats have become the mainstream products of Sanya. Take a trip with your family and friends on fully equipped yachts and sailboats for sightseeing and fishing on the sea, enjoy the scenery and delicious food at the same time! When the night comes, you can take a Sanya Bay yacht night tour and admire the gorgeous night scenery of Sanya from the sea.