Folk Festivals

China’s Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival

China’s Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival is hosted by Hainan provincial government and China National Tourism Administration. Under the theme of "Island of happiness, Heaven for holidays", performances, sports games, great gatherings of ethnic groups, float parades and a series of celebrating events are held to involve all people on the island. The festival is designed to enrich the tourist culture of Hainan, and display the island’s culture and tourist resources, so as to build the image of Hainan as an "International Tourism Island".

Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival

The festival is a well-designed grand celebration of marriage including wedding ceremony, tourism and honeymoon holiday arrangement. Hundreds of couples from home and abroad are attracted here to hold wedding ceremonies or celebrate their wedding anniversaries.

Nanshan Longevity Culture Festival

Sanya is a well-known "hometown of longevity" in China. Since the ninth day of the ninth lunar calendar (the Double Ninth Festival) in 1999, Nanshan Longevity Culture Festival has become an annual event held by Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. Under different themes like "Respecting the elderly, Caring for the young" and "Health and Wellness", a variety of activi- ties are organized each year, such as exhibition of photos of the longevous and forums on longevity and wellness.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Major beaches in Sanya are always crowded with citizens on the evening of the Mid-Autumn Day, the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar calendar. Each family will circle an area on the beach with incenses and candles, and spread out seasonal fruit, beverages, mooncakes and other food, sitting together to admire the full moon in happiness.

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Celebrations include the bustling Dragon Boat Racing on Sanya River and Ningyuan River in the down- town area and “Bathing in Dragon Water”, an 4activity of local people taking baths in the sea.

Sanyuesan Festival

The third day of the third month of the lunar calendar, named as "Shangsi Festival", is a traditional festival for Miao, Li and other minority ethnic groups in Hainan. Li people regards this festival as the "Speaking-out-your-love Day", when the young express their love and affections to their loved ones. Each year, grand celebrations with ethnic features are held here in Sanya, such as songs and dances of different ethnic groups, ethnic sport games and singing performance with torches at hands.

Dragon Head-Raising Day

On the Dragon Head-Raising Day, which falls on the second day of the second lunar month, Sanya Dongtian Park always holds grand celebrations. In addition to the traditional worship of dragons, the Taoist culture and more modern ocean protection concepts from the Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservation Association (BROCA) have also been added in the celebration. A series of dragon-worshiping activities are held, including "Offering Ritual for Dragon King of the South Sea", "Bathing in Dragon" and "Touching Dragon Head" etc.