Six Major Bays

Hongtang Bay

Hongtang Bay Resort has a rare 3.3-kilometer pure ecological sea in Sanya, the last piece of pure land in Sanya. Hongtang Bay is located in Tianya District of Sanya City, surrounded by National 5A grade scenic spots and mountains on three sides. It faces Tianya Haijiao to the east, Nanshan and Daxiao Dongtian to the west, the vast South China Sea to the south, and the West Island across the sea. It has convenient transportation and pleasant scenery.

Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay, the national coast, is an international leisure resort. It is located in the northeast of Sanya City, 28 kilometers south of urban Sanya, adjacent to Yalong Bay National Resort. There are many high-end hotels in Haitang Bay area, including the third Atlantis Hotel in the world. Sanya International Duty-free City, the largest single duty-free shop in the world is also located here. It is the gateway to the eastern region of Sanya, with a total area of 384.2 km2.

Yazhou Bay

Yazhou Bay is a southwest bay of Sanya City, covering an area of about 61 km2. Ningyuan River runs into Yazhou Bay at its top. The seat of government of Ancient Yazhou, Yacheng, ls located in the estuary area of Yazhou Bay, hence the bay is named Yazhou. Yazhou Bay is an important ancient cultural site in Hainan. The former Daguang Port in this bay had always been the southernmost trading port in China and an important port for merchant ships taking China's ancient Maritime Silk Road to depart and restore.

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay Resort starts from Sanya Port in the east, and forms a 20-mile-long esplanade stretching along the Bay, with a grove of coconut trees. The beauty of the Ten-mile Silver Beach in Yangjiang City is nothing compared to this twenty-mile Coconut Dream Corridor. Looking ahead, the East Tortoise Chau and the West Tortoise Chau (Tortoise Island, commonly known as the East Island and the West island) are floating in the sea, adjacent to each other. The garrison guards the East Island, and the fishermen on the West Island are free to go in and out. The neighboring islands take on different missions. The long Sanya Bay has fine sand and a belt of green trees, constituting a beautiful and attractive scenery of the Sanya seaside scenic area.

Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay National Resort is a high-quality tropical seaside scenic spot in the eastern suburb of Sanya City, about 10 kilometers away from the city center. Yalong Bay is a crescent bay with a 7-kilometer-long silver beach. Yalong Bay combines the five elements of modern tourism: ocean, beach, sunshine, green and fresh air, showing an obvious tropical maritime climate, which is suitable for swimming and all other kinds of marine sports in the four seasons. The sea water here is crystal clear, and the undersea view 10 meters below the sea level can be seen clearly. The 8-kilometer-long beach here is wide and smooth with white and delicate sand. The natural resources are unique in China. Yalong Bay can rank with any famous tropical coastal resort in the world.

Dadonghai Bay

Located between Yulin Port and Luhuitou in Sanya City, Dadonghai is rated as a 4A level scenic spot and the first free open scenic spot in Sanya. Dadonghai boasts crescent-shape bay, mirrored vast sea and fine white sand. Sunshine, clear water, sandy beaches and green trees constitute a beautiful tropical scenery, which is rated as one of the "Top 40 Scenic spots in China" by the National Tourism Administration. Here, each season seems like spring. The water is warm, the sand is flat and the water temperature is 18 degrees centigrade in winter, which makes here an ideal place for swimming in winter and diving, sightseeing, sea bath and sunbathing for vacationers. The seaside tourism facilities in the area are well equipped, with hotels of different styles, large seaside plazas, sightseeing submarines, diving bases. a variety of water sports and beach sports are carried out all the year round. Around 300 to 400 meters eastbound along the beach is a small coastal park. There is a hill in the park, and a pavilion on the top of the hill, which overlooks the scenery of the sea. There is an egret park, which is a paradise for egrets. Egrets can be seen everywhere by and in the middle of the lake.