Binglang River Valley Resort

Binglang River Valley Resort provides authentic rural experiences that focus on sightseeing and wellness retreat through local traditions. Visitors will enter a real tropical rural village; experience the traditions of the Li minority ethnic group, including their food. Visitors can also go in the rice paddies and orchards for a real“farm-to-table”experience. Binglang River Valley is known for its rich ecological resources as well as Li cultural intangible heritages. The River Valley Project is an ongoing project that will ultimately become a 5A international rural cultural resort that can be used to experience agriculture, Li customs, serve as a tourist destination, and provide recreation and host business conferences. It is currently under partial and continual development to establish a "one corridor and six district" layout. Currently visitors will have access to the agricultural facilities sightseeing area, the farmhouse experience area, Binglang River Hydrophilic Corridor, the Li culture experience area, the International Rural Health Resort and the Binglang River Mountaineering Paradise.

Practical information

Address:Flood Control Building, Binglang 4 Group, Fenghuang Town, Sanya City, Hainan Province Tel:+86-898-38883000