Luhuitou Park

Sanya Luhuitou Park covers an area of 82.88 hectares. It leans against the city of Sanya and is ringed by the sea. The peak of the hill, with an altitude of 275 meters, is the best place to watch the sea scenery, the sunrise and sunset, and to enjoy a bird view of Sanya both in the day and at night. The sculpture of the deer looking back is the symbolic sculpture of the city, which is also referred to as “Deer City”. Nowadays, Luhuitou Park has become a park themed under love culture and eco-demonstration. Main spots in the parks include Tailwind Terrace, Deer Park, slides, Blessings from the East, Love Culture Park, singing and dancing performance of Li minority ethnic group, the sculpture of deer looking back, the mountaintop garden and the observation deck in the north.

Practical information

Address:150 meters northeast of the intersection of Xiaodonghai Road and Luling Road, Jiyang District, Sanya, Hainan Tel:+86-898-88213740