Sanya Romance Park (QianGuQing)

This tourist scenic spot is located at 333 Yingbin Road, Sanya city. Established by the entertain- ment giant Songcheng Group with an investment of 1 billion yuan, the park is built to offer state- of-the-art cultural experience. The park includes 10 major facilities: the QianGuQing Grand Theatre, Yazhou Ancient City, Sci-fi Game Park, Nanhai Goddess Plaza, Li and Miao Ethnic Villages, a live-recreation of the famous Song Dynasty Painting Qing Ming Shang He Tu (Along the River during the Qingming Festival), water parks, food centers, and a haunted house. The park features non-tangible cultural relic workshops, local artisan shops and Hainan cuisine. It also showcases regular outdoor performances, including Parade across Time, Flash Mobs from Histo- ry, Acrobatics with Knives and Flames, the historical re-enactment of Madame Xian’s Militia. There are also well-received traditional ethnic festivals such as the Spring Festival Gala, Ethnic Guozhuang Gala, Torch Festival, Ethnic Li Dance Festival, Water-Sprinkling Festival, and Ice Festival. You can also check out The Romantic Show of Sanya, a historical and cultural epic musical-dance performance in the QianGuQing Grand Theatre.

Practical information

Address:333 Yingbin Road, Sanya,Hainan Tel:+86-898-88658333