Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot (The End of Earth)

The most popular tourist site in Sanya, Tianya Haijiao, is located 23 kilometers in the southwest of Sanya. It has won a world-renowned reputation with its charming tropical seashore landscape, time-honored and unique history and culture, and colorful ethnic customs. The site earned its name from the Chinese characters “Tianya” (the edge of the sky) and “Haijiao” (the rim of the sea) carved on two giant rocks at the seashore. There are five famous rocks in the attraction, namely, the rock of Tianya, the rock of Haijiao, South- ern Heaven Rock, the Love Rock and the Rock of Blessings. Entertainment facilities such as sea-bathing areas, fishing spots and yachts are also available.

Practical information

Address:Maling Mountain Foothills, Tianya Town, Tianya District, Sanya, Hainan Tel:+86-898-88592908