The Phoenix Hill Love Forever Scenic Spot

The Phoenix Hill Love Forever Scenic Spot sits on top of the Phoenix Hill, the highest mountain in Sanya. It is the only place to enjoy the panorama of the Sanya Bay, the buildings and the land- scapes in the city. Taking a cable to the mountain top and looking far into the distance, the unique natural landscape of Sanya is revealing itself in front of your eyes. The primitive forest in the mountain is a Nation Key Ecological Forest Reserve of China, and the habitat of many species in Sanya. A 2-kilometer path extending into the forest is prepared for visitors. The negative oxygenion concentration in the forest exceeds 10,000 ions/cm3, 1.5 times higher than the normal level. Popular scenic sports in the park include: “Love Forever” Stat- ue, “A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix” Statue, 360° panoramic sightseeing hanging corridors and Qinglong Fengshui Pool. 

Practical information

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