Baolong National Forest Park

Baolong National Forest Park is part of the Phoenix Township Baolong Forestry Complex. It is the southernmost protected tropical rainforest in China, as well as the largest of its kind in Sanya. Situated 30 kilometers away from the Sanya Ring Expressway, and 35 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, this forest park covers a grand total of 2884.3 hectares, all of which are protected by China’s Natural Resources Protection Project.The landscape of the forest is generally low mountains and hilly terrain that decreases in elevation from northeast to the southwest, with a relative altitude of 200-300m. The contiguous lowland tropical rainforest region covers more than 2,200 hectares, and there are more than 30 hectares of rare plants including Ormosia, Chinese Quince, Agarwood, Oil Palm, Red Sandalwood and Ebony. There are more than 40 major sightseeing spots where visitors can enjoy the beauty of clouds, creeks, reliefs, and naturally eroded rock clusters. There is a total of 1704 species of plants and 230 species of wild animals for visitors to observe.The park-run hotel is located in the waterfront area on the western Jianling Mountain slopes. It is a multi-functional resort hotel built by Sanya Baolu Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. The resort covers a wide range of functions, including vacation, relaxation, leisure sports, education and conference. The hotel provides luxury services to its guests, and promises an unforgettable experience.

Practical information

Address:The Depart of Baolong Forest Farm, Fenghuang Town, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province Tel:+86-898-31091313