Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Blessed with unique natural landscape in the coastal mountain of Nanshan and rich history and culture in the local area, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is a large-scale eco-cultural tourism zone that can rarely be found in China. It is China’s biggest Buddhism-themed tourism zone built after 1949 and also one of the first national 5A-level scenic spots. Visitors come here often to relax, get close to the nature, pray at the temple, or experience the unique tropical ocean scenery, the Chinese Buddhist culture and its time-honored pursuit of longevity and happiness, and many historic sites. An attraction cluster has been formed in the Zone, featuring one temple (Nanshan Temple), one Buddha statue (the Nanshan Guanyin Statue), two gardens (Savior Garden and Auspiciousness Garden), one valley (Longevity Valley), and one bay (Small Moon Bay). It is also home to various attractions which have entered the Guinness World Record, including the national treasure of Gold and Jade Guanyin Statue, the Thirty-Three Guanyin Hall, the Buddhist way-place that displays the culture of Guanyin and folk customs and the 108-meter Nanshan Guanyin Statue which is a top-class statue project in the world and in the century.

Practical information

Address:Nanshan Village, Yazhou District, Sanya, Hainan Tel:+86-898-88837888