Yacheng Confucius Temple

First built in Ming Dynasty, the Yacheng Confucius Temple is composed of Dacheng Hall, Moral Gate, Sage Worshiping Temple, and Scripture Revering Tower. Back then, countless worshippers come in endless streams into the temple. The temple became a place to spread Confucius prin- ciples and educations and attracted more people with high morality. In particular, Jianzhen, the famous monk in Tang Dynasty, has left in the temple some Buddhist scriptures which he originally planned to take to Japan. These scrip- tures are great legendary treasures in the history of Yazhou. On the morning of January 10th, 2010, a grand ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the renovation of the Yacheng Confucius Temple. After the renovation, the Academy will have enough space to hold the Exhibition of Yazhou’s History and Culture. The exhibition contains Yazhou’s geography, history, folk customs, inscriptions on tablets, and cultural relics. There are also introductions of historical figures such as Madam Xian, Huang Daopo, Monk Jianzhen and Scholar Zhong Fang in Ming Dynasty, and of eunuch officials and famous sages in Yazhou.

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