Latest Epidemic Prevention and Control Policies of Sanya City

2021-06-08 16:54:24 Source:The epidemic prevention and control account of Sanya 12345 hotline

I. Inbound Travelers

1. As from today, passengers inbound from outside the Chinese mainland, except for those from Macau, should receive a 14-day centralized medical quarantine and observation. Those who have stayed in Sanya for 14 days but less than 21 days should actively report to the community, conduct self-health monitoring, avoid going out as much as possible, take personal protection when going out, and take a nucleic acid test after 21 days.

2. Passengers who have resided in Macao within 14 days can pass normally with the green health code (or sign the paper version of personal health declaration form) and provide the negative proof of nucleic acid test within 7 days or after entry.

II. Class I Areas [3]

As from April 5, 2021, Jiegao Guomen Community, Jinkan and Nonghao areas of Tuanjie Village Committee (south of Ruili Avenue), Xianke Alley and Guangming Alley residents' groups in Ruili City, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province are adjusted to be Class I risk control areas of our Province. That means those with a history of residing in the above risk areas within 14 days shall be quarantined at the Hainan-entry port for 14 days, whose blood samples shall be taken on the 1st and 13th day for nucleic acid testing respectively at their own expense. They are allowed to pass normally upon the expiry of the quarantine period and with a negative result of the nucleic acid test.


III. Class II Areas [6]

As from April 4, 2021, Xinshengshidai Jiayuan Community, Red Brick Factory at Ruijing Road, Xinghe Lanwan Community, Shuangmao Villages' Group, Xialongan Villagers' Group, Old Food Factory at Zhubao Street in Ruili City, Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province are adjusted Class II risk control areas of our province. And the epidemic prevention and control areas are as follows:

1. Those who have resided in high-risk areas within 14 days shall pass the Hainan health code examination before entering Hainan and pass with the proof of negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours.

2. Persons without nucleic acid test certificate shall receive a centralized sample collection and a nucleic acid test as soon as they arrive in Hainan. Before the nucleic acid test result is available, they shall wait for the result centrally at their own expense.

3. Persons shall conduct self-health monitoring within 14 days after their arrival in Hainan, seek medical advice in case of fever, cough and other symptoms, and actively inform the doctor of their recent travel history.

4. Those who have not stayed in the above areas for more than 24 hours but transferred to the above areas by plane, ferry or train from other areas shall sign a letter of commitment without the history of stay in the key control areas before arriving at their destinations, and can pass through normally upon arrival with the letter of commitment.

IV. Low Risk Areas

1. Those with fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell and other clinical symptoms within 14 days after their arrival should not travel unless necessary.

2. Other persons shall be managed by the means of temperature check and health code verification (either the State Council epidemic prevention health code or the health code of each province ).

V. Close Contracts

According to the results of the epidemiological investigation, the close contacts will be scientifically determined by the health technicians for a strict 14-day centralized isolation and medical observation. Health testing and personal protection should be carried out within 7 days after the quarantine is lifted, and personnel gathering should be avoided. The scope of close contacts shall not be expanded, and the period of medical observation under concentrated or home quarantine shall not be extended.


1. Passenger should register a Hainan health code and enter the health registration information before boarding. Returning passenger's health code of Hainan Province shall be checked before boarding, and arriving passengers' health code of permanent residence or place of departure shall be checked. In case of a red code (viewed in the health code system rather than statement of the passenger), and if the passenger is from Macau, he/she is allowed to pass with a negative nucleic acid test taken within 7 days or after the entry. Passenger with a yellow code can pass normally with a valid certificate of negative nucleic acid test. If the code is changed to continue another province's red or yellow code, the passenger can pass normally with a green health code of that province.

2. The epidemic policy will be adjusted in real time according to the situation of the epidemic. Passengers are requested to cooperate with the airport arrangements and follow the real-time policy when arriving in Sanya.

Health and Medical Services in Sanya

At present, Sanya has a number of general hospitals, with the medical resources covering both the fields of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Looking forward with an aim of constructing a world-class coastal tourism city, Sanya will build a 15-minute basic medical and health service circle and allocate medical and health resources in a scientific manner to provide high-quality basic medical and public health services to all residents and tourists in a fair way.

Chinese PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital) in Sanya City

Address: Jianglin Village, Linwang Town, Sanya City(C10 Area, South Zone of Haitang Bay)

Tel.: 0898-38866666

Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Address: Fenghuang Road, Sanya City

Tel.: 0898-88688120

Hospital of the PLA of Sanya City

Address: No. 86, Sanyawan Road, Sanya City
Tel.: 0898-88290101

Sanya People's Hospital

Address: No.558, Jiefang Road, Sanya City

Tel.: 0898-88557733