The Four Great Regions

Haitang District

Haitang District, located in the east of Sanya City, is the east gate of Sanya. People here are simple and honest. The Han people and other ethnic minority groups live together for a long time, forming the folk customs with local characteristics. Haitang Bay enjoys a reputation of the "national coast". Haitang Bay is situated at the foot of a hill and beside the sea, has spectacular scenery, crystal blue water, white beaches, shady coconut grove, and a 22.4-kilometer beautiful coastline. It also has tourist attractions such as Nantian Hot Spring titled "Best Hot Spring in China", Wuzhizhou Island, Coconut Chau Island, Islamic Ancient Tombs and Tenghai Bay,a best place for watching the sunrise in the new era. Haitang District brings together many high-end domestic and international hotels, such as Atlantis, InterContinental Resort, Hilton Doubletree. It is a vibrant high-end resort beloved by domestic and foreign tourists. Sanya International Duty-free City, the world's largest single duty-free shop,is located in Haitang District. It is also the home to Hainan Hospital of Chinese PLA General Hospital (formerly known as Hainan Branch of 301 Chinese PLA General Hospital ), which is a national medical and health sanatorium. Nowadays, the "national coast" is providing more guests with the "exalted" experience: the gradually improved coastal resort group amazes tourists in droves, and the progressively equipped town rewards the simple and kind-hearted people of Haitang.

Jiyang District

Jiyang District, located in the central and eastern part of Sanya City, is the seat of Sanya City Government. Jiyang District faces the mountain in the north and the sea in the south, and have comparatively obvious advantages in location, resources, ecology. Jiyang District has won the honorary titles of National Holistic Tourism Demonstration Zone and Chinese Top 100 Leisure Counties and Cities in the Spring of 2020. In the area, there are not only a series of tourism resources, such as Sanya Dadonghai Scenic Spot, Yalong Bay National Resort, Yalong Bay Rose Valley, Yalong Bay Undersea World, Luhuitou Park, Qianguqing Romance ShowScenic Spot, Fenghuangling Scenic Spot, Linchunling Scenic Spot, Luobi Cave. There are also Yalong Bay Rose Town, Zhongliao Village, Bohou Village and other beautiful villages constituting beautiful and enchanting rural tourism scenic spots of a variety of flavors. Furthermore, there are diversified tourism resources, such as Visun Royal Yacht Port, Banshan Bandao Sailing Port, golf courses, marine entertainment companies, shopping malls, specialty restaurants. In Jiyang, wake up in the beautiful dream of fine scenery and relaxing life. Charming Jiyang invites you to enjoy your life.

Tianya District

Tianya District is located in the central and western part of Sanya City, Hainan Province, bordering Jiyang District in the east, Yazhou District in the west, the sea in the south and Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County in the north. Tianya District covers an area of 944 km2. Because it is located at the ends of the earth, it is named "Tianya District" (Tianya is the Chinese for "ends of the earth"), formerly known as Tianya town. The famous scenic spot Tianya Haijiao is located here. Every year many Chinese and foreign tourists with aspirations for Tianya come here to appreciate and take photos. The scenic spots in the area also include the Coconut Dream Corridor of Sanya Bay along with a grove of coconut trees, stretching bay and fine sand. Sanya Bay is close to Sanya Phoenix Airport and urban Sanya, stretching for 22 kilometers. The silver beach extends with the azure coast, which perfectly harmonize with urban Sanya, making Sanya a coastal tourist city. Phoenix Island, adjacent to Sanya Bay, is a high-end tourist resort island complex, which is still under construction. In the future, Phoenix Island will become one of the largest international cruise ports in Asia. Xi Island is the second largest island along the coast of Hainan Province to Dazhou Island. Also known as tortoiseshell Island, Xi Island is located in Tianya District and Sanya Bay National Nature Reserve. Xi Island covers an area of 2.8 km2 and has a population of more than 3,000. Generation by generation, people here make a living out of fishing. Tianya District is home to Yanglan Village, Wenmen Village, Hongtang Village, Binglang River and other places full of folk flavor, and there are more fine experiences waiting for you to enjoy with us. Sunshine Sanya, beautiful Tianya.

Yazhou District

Yazhou District is located in the west of Sanya City, neighboring Ledong County in the north and west, with a total area of 383.25 km2 and 42 km away from urban Sanya. Yazhou, with a long-held history and bright culture, was included in the first batch of the county list for the revolutionary cultural relics protection and utilization in March 2019. There are 23 national, provincial and municipal cultural relics protection units in Yazhou District. The former Yazhou state is now an important market for the South-to-North vegetable diversion in China, and it is also a famous production base of out-of-season melons and vegetables in southern China. Since the Northern and Southern dynasties, the prefecture and its seat had been set up here, and since the Song Dynasty, the seats of the states, prefectures and counties of all dynasties had been set up here. Yazhou is known as the cultural vein of Sanya, with profound unique cultural heritage. Yazhou folk songs and Langdian Dachai Dance have been selected into the national "Intangible Cultural Heritage" project. The main scenic areas are: Nanshan Temple, Daxiao Dongtian Scenic Area and Yacheng School Palace. In addition, Yazhou old revolutionary base area is one of the patriotic education bases, which has experienced the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggregation and China's War of Liberation, keeping the red flag flying high for 23 years.