Review the Wonderful Years, and Look for the Red Marks

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Behind one hundred years of the glorious course and striding forward are the lofty mountains made of flesh and blood of countless revolutionary martyrs and perseverance upheld from generation to generation.

The eventful one hundred years have recorded the firmness of belief, surged with the spirit of heroism. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board specially designs the Red tourism map of Sanya. In this article, Tui Tui selects four Red social-media shot spots. In this Tomb-sweeping short break holiday, follow Tui Tui to walk in the Red Revolutionary Resort, review the Red years, recall the revolutionary martyrs, and salute to the century-old journey!



"The West Island Militia Women Exhibition Hall" Chinese women prefer to face the powder rather than powder the face

The West Island not only has charming scenery, but also has an impressive Red history of the West Island militia women. In 1959, the "West Island female militia" organized a militia artillery squad, known as the "Eight Sisters Artillery Squad", in an extremely arduous environment. As the defense force of the garrison troops stationed on the island, they bravely took on heavy tasks and made contributions time and again, and became a well-known model militia company of China at that time. They proved that "women are as excellent as their male peers" with their concrete actions.

Now, if you come to the West Island and want to know more about the West Island militia women, Tui Tui recommends you to visit the West Island Militia Women Exhibition Hall. Here, you can not only see the classic movie Hai Xia playing in a continuous loop, but also see all kinds of old photos of militia women training; the museum also displays many precious old objects, such as radios, flashlights and artillery shells, instantly bringing Tui Tui back to that extraordinary period of time. The West Island Militia Women Exhibition Hall shows visitors the glorious history and culture of the West Island militia women in the form of pictures and text, so that future generations can better understand the difficult environment of the revolutionaries of the older generation. Because of this, the West Island Militia Women Exhibition Hall has been attracting many tourists since its opening. The spirit of the West Island militia women that "prefer to face the powder rather than powder the face" is also deeply rooted in everyone's heart and handed down from generation to generation on the West Island.

Surrounding social-media shot spots recommendations:

West Island Fishing Village: the West Island has enchanting scenery, the West Island Fishing village has strong customs. At present, the West Island Militia Women Exhibition Hall is located in a fishing village with a century-old culture. In the West Island Fishing Village, you can feel the charm of the sea; living in the "Century-old Coral House", you can feel the time and be close to nature; walking into the West Island Cultural Museum, you can learn more about the history and the culture and experience different island scenery. Everything here has added a lot of humanistic color to this Red trip.


"Red Detachment of Women Performance Art Park" The revolutionary women had lived in Hainan, and the their spirit will be handed down forever.

舞蹈 红色娘子军s.jpg

In the 1930s, Hainan had Red Detachment of Women, a revolutionary armed force composed of working women, who were not afraid of dangers and obstacles and fought for the liberation of Hainan Island. Up to now, the spirit of the Red Detachment of Women still shines on the Red land, and their stories set generations of young people on fire and are praised by the world. Sanya Red Detachment of Women Performance Art Park puts this history on the big screen and makes it a "must-see spiritual feast for Chinese". The Red Detachment of Women Show, the large-scale actual landscape drama with real coconut trees, is based on the deeds of the Red Detachment of Women of Qiongya column on Hainan Island. Through six chapters, it truly reproduces to everyone the touching story of them fighting for the liberation of Hainan. In a variety of full actual landscape performances + modern high-tech forms, the Show brings immersive experience to the audience, let the "lying" history "stand up", and the Red spirit "live".

In addition to watching the Red Detachment of Women Large-scale Actual Landscape Show with Real Coconut Trees, you can also visit the Red historical and cultural exhibition and taste the "cultural feast"; you can learn about the revolutionary history of Hainan Island through interesting research methods of thematic research activities of the Red Detachment of Women. Recently, Red Detachment of Women Performance Art Park has also carried out various the Party building activities and thematic Party lectures. Red Detachment of Women Performance Art Park is not only a classic scenic spot, but also a carrier of Sanya's cultural and historical memory, which is worth visiting again and again.

Surrounding social-media shot spots recommendations:

Sanya Binlang River Hot Spring Resort: after appreciating the Red classics, you can ask friends to enjoy a hot spring to relax! With Li culture as the theme, combined with the local abundant hot spring resources and exotic southern scenery, the Resort can make tourists relax and enjoy the gifts of nature.


"Meishan" Qiongya red flag does not fall, Meishan meritorious service will last for a thousand years.

In the years of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Mei Mountain was a hot land and cradle of revolution. Once, a group of revolutionaries who worshiped freedom united and rebelled in the face of Japanese aggression despite difficulties and obstacles, and made their own contributions to the final victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. They ignited the fire of the spirit, and the fire became wild and lightened up darkness, the way forward and Hainan Island. And the spirit of the martyrs also made Tui Tui particularly admired. If you want to know the history of this revolutionary struggle, you can find the answer in the Mausoleum of Revolutionary Martyrs in Meishan Old Revolutionary Base Area and the Meishan Revolutionary History Museum.

The Mausoleum of Revolutionary Martyrs in Meishan Old Revolutionary Base Area was built in April 1979 and covers an area of about 30,000 m2. Walking into the Mausoleum that has seen all the vicissitudes, you will feel the majestic momentum. The lush trees extending to the end are tranquil and decorous, and the monument is standing solemnly. In the octagonal pavilion stands the Epitaph of the Mausoleum of Revolutionary Martyrs in Meishan Old Revolutionary Base Area, which summarizes the glorious history of the people in Meishan Old Revolutionary Base Area who, under the correct leadership of the Party, persisted in tenacious struggles with their enemy for a long time, killed the enemy bravely, and consolidated and developed the base area. Time goes by. Although past events have faded like a puff of smoke, the people who died for our motherland deserve to be remembered by all of us.

Standing at a new historical starting point and reviewing the history intertwined with the suffering and the glory, we find out that there is a real and decorous "three-dimensional history book" in Meishan Old Revolutionary Base Area, recording the revolutionary course of the sons and daughters of Meishan and quietly talking about the extraordinary years of the war. That is the Meishan Revolutionary History Museum.

Walking into the Meishan Revolutionary History Museum seems to be opening a history book that has been sealed for more than 50 years. Pieces of war cultural relics are displayed in the showcases, dignified and simple revolutionary writing records, a large number of precious revolutionary historical pictures are displayed on the wall, shrilling historical scenes are reproduced in the form of pictures and texts. The scenes of the revolution are vivid and shining, forming a grand picture of the war resistance history of Meishan.

Surrounding social-media shot spots recommendations:

Shuinan Village: Walking into Shuinan Village, the "Best Cultural Ancient Village in Hainan", you can appreciate the mountains, sea, sky and haze, and feel the simple folkway; see the mottled imprints on yellow, cyan or black buildings; experience the unique cultural flavor through every single bit around; visit various cultural monuments such as the Lu Duoxun Memorial Hall and Shengde Hall to feel the history. The authentic delicacy of Shuinan Village cannot be missed. It is recommended to drive to Shuinan Village, which will take about half an hour.


"Baoping Village" Traditions and Legends Inherited from a-thousand Long History

Thousand-year-old ancient trees surrounds the village, the Long River and the Feng River meet, ancient folk houses are scattered. The revolutionaries of the older generations here devoted themselves into protecting our motherland without reserve. Baoping Village, located in Yazhou District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, is one of the top ten famous cultural villages and old revolutionary base villages in Hainan. It has a profound cultural heritage that can be traced back to the Tang and Song dynasties. In silent country lanes a dog barks, amid the mulberry trees cocks crow. Baoping Village is like an ancient paradise, quietly singing the songs of the thousands years of history. At present, Baoping Village has well-preserved ancient residential buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which is the most representative and concentrated group of ancient residential buildings in Yazhou. According to statistics, there are still more than 40 existing ancient residential buildings. The legendary and immortal Red revolution is born in the crystal clear river and traditional ancient residential buildings in Baoping village. Here, every piece of tile and wall, every gust of wind and spatter of rain has experienced the baptism of blood and fire, containing moving stories. As an old Red revolutionary village, from the Agrarian Revolutionary War to the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and China's War of Liberation, people from Baoping Village joined the revolution one after another. They sacrificed their lives in order to save our country from danger, and the Red culture depicted with their blood are inspiring generation after generation.

Surrounding social-media shot spots recommendations:

Yacheng Village: when you come to Yacheng, after visiting Baoping Village, you might as well go into Yacheng Village to see the ancient gate tower, visit ancient school palace, appreciate ancient buildings, and enjoy a thousand-year-old cultural trip.