Sanya SPA healthcare experience

Sanya's hot springs and SPA are very famous. The warm and humid climate provides innate advantages for traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy in Sanya. Relaxing in the hazy hot spring, and experiencing all kinds of SPA, foot bath or traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, will certainly give you surprising effects.


Located in Nantian Farm, Haitang Bay District, Sanya, the hot spring is a large medical thermal mineral water field, known as the "Best Hot Spring in China". Its rich silicic acid, fluorine and radon are of great benefit to the human body. The "kiss fish" therapy bath is a unique hot spring project in Sanya. These small fish less than 2cm long can peck at the dead skin on the human body and some bacteria that can only be seen under the microscope. This therapy bath can stimulate the superficial nerves and promote blood circulation at the same time. The skin can better absorb the hot spring essence, and becomes glowing and smooth!

Yiyang Nantian  Hot Spring


Yiyang Nantian Hot Spring is surrounded  by clean air, and cleaner environment.  Therapeutic springs are directly connected to  each individual room, and are rich in minerals  such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and  potassium. Patrons can choose from 14 types  of pools, including spring water swimming  pool, “kiddie” spring pool, coconut milk  coffee pool, rose pool, Chinese medicine pool,  tea pool, yin yang pool, lemon pool, small fish  therapy pool, large fish therapy pool, Jacuzzi,  deep-ocean seaweed pool, hot spring, and cool  spring. Come to Yiyang’s Nantian hot spring  for healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Zhujiang Nantian Hot Spring Resort


Zhujiang Nantian offers a variety of pools with  different purposes. Nantian’s pools are all surrounded  by vegetation for an authentic natural experience. Here  you can experience the massage of the waterfall pool,  the aroma of the floral pool; the healing factors of  the Chinese herbal pool, which infuses 12 traditional  therapeutic herbs; the cool spring pool, which stimulates  the body’s immune system with its 18-20 ℃ water, and  the private couple’s pool surrounded by both a fence to  ensure privacy and petals for a romantic atmosphere.

Haohanpo Nantian Hot Spring


This 1.3-hectare hotspring provides a tropical  cultural experience. With a repertoire of more than  50 pools, it provides a unique yet classical experience  surrounded by a picturesque ambience. The hotspring  has a daily gush of 3780 tonnes, and a peak gush that  reaches 8.8 meters. The hotspring also contains the  largest quantities of certain beneficial trace elements  in China, and has been registered by the State  Administration for Industry and Commerce as “The  Best Spring in China”.



SPA promises head-to-toe relaxation. Enjoy the  highly-trained techniques of the therapists as you melt  in the beautiful tropical ocean scenery. SPA is offered  in every resort, hotel, and beauty parlor. In Sanya, SPA  comes in all shapes and sizes, including traditional  Chinese SPA, Thai therapy, German therapy, all designed  to wipe away chronic fatigue and rejuvenate the skin.