The route for couples to visit Sanya away from the crowd

DAY 1 "live in the spring, feel love in Deer City"

Luhuitou Scenic Spot-- Banshan Bandao & Jiqing Square


On the first day, let's go to the downtown areas of Sanya. Go to Luhuitou, which is famous for its ancient love stories, to feel the nature and the culture; go to the tranquil Banshan Bandao and Jiqing Square to feel the romantic atmosphere as if being in an European movie. At that moment, the person standing by you and the scenery in front of you are worth recording.


"Luhuitou Scenic Spot" is a wonderland full of stories.

When the spring is warm, the branches are full of flowers, and even the Luhuitou scenic area is filled with the smell of spring. Luhuitou Scenic Spot has diverse activities and romantic landmarks, giving couples and tourists plenty of dating and visiting spots.


you can walk in the "green corridor" holding the hand of your loved one, and immerse yourself in nature; you can wait for the sky and the sea to be soaked by the setting sun, and meet the most romantic moment of the day; you can sit in the pavilion overlooking the gorgeous light and shadow of the mountain with your beloved one. In Luhuitou scenic area, it is splendid both during the day and at night.


"Banshan Bandao & Jiqing Square" makes you feel being on the streets of Europe

Banshan Bandao Sailing Port is a private bay on the southwest side of the Dadonghai, surrounded by villas and apartments built along the mountains. It is like a natural safe haven, quiet and peaceful, very suitable for couples dating and having vacation.


Xiaodonghai Next to the Sailing Port

When you step into Jiqing Square, you will be deeply attracted by the European-style architecture, which makes people feel as if they are on the streets of London; the salty sea breeze circles the white cathedral, forming a scene of light and shadow. At that moment, the diversified flavor of Sanya will remain in your love.


DAY 2 "View sunset on the sea, feel summer night breeze"

The Coconut Dream Corridor, a scenic spot in Fenghuangling Haishi Shanmeng


On the second day, you can take your beloved to the Fenghuangling Haishi Shanmeng scenic spot to have a panoramic view of Sanya from above; to the curvy Coconut Dream Corridor to indulge yourself to the dreamy pink sunset with your loved one.


"Fenghuangling", a best place where you can vow to your beloved.

When you get on the cable car, arrive at the Fenghuangling Haishi Shanmeng scenic spot, and stand on the 360 °overhanging tourist plank road, you can have a panoramic view of Sanya from above; the green hills are sometimes clear sometimes misty. The Haishi Shanmeng Square and Crystal Palace here are very suitable for dating and proposing. Let the beautiful mountains and seas bear witness to your love.


"Coconut Dream Corridor", a real Alice's Wonderland

Give your evening to the Coconut Dream Corridor in Sanya Bay! As one of the nearest wedding photography places to urban Sanya, it is a good choice to take wedding photos or commemorative photos of honeymoon trips here. Holding the hand of your loved one and walking in the Coconut Dream Corridor, you can watch the setting sun dye the whole sky and sea, and the sea spray wet her floaty dress. Laughters filling the air, this happy moment is incomparable.


DAY 3 "excitement and sweetness on today"

Wuzhizhou Island



In the deep spring, on the third day, take your beloved to Wuzhizhou Island, a national 5A scenic spot! In Wuzhizhou Island beside the mountain and the sea, you can quietly wait for a ray of the rising sun; ride along the coastline, feeling the casual comfort; engage in the sea activities to enjoy yourself; dive into the deep sea, and let the dreamlike undersea vow to this life, let the sea witness your eternal love. It's an ideal place for both a date and a honeymoon.


Wuzhizhou Island not only has dolphin submarines, sea flywheels, motorboats, water jetting, sea fishing, rainbow parasailing, wave surfing and other thrilling entertainment, but also romantic stories and charming scenery. Sunrising Rock, Valentine's Island, Valentine's Valley, Valentine's Bridge and other places are all worth visiting.