Treasure list of Sanya theme wedding elements

A wedding is a major event in life. A perfect wedding can leave a deep impression on people, and also make the love of two people even better. Have an one-stop honeymoon & wedding in Sanya! Accompanied by graceful music, flowers and blessings a couple go to the wedding hall. There is sunshine, beach, palm trees, rocks, coconut groves, cocktails. The sea and the sky meet, blue and white reflect on each other. Leaving aside the red tape spares the bride, making her look even more beautiful and charming. Don't you want to have a wedding like this?


Beach wedding

Bathing in the sunshine and breeze, you will see seabirds flying afar, depicting a harmonious painting with blue waves. The breeze gently sways the bride's dress, the newlyweds walk on the fine white sand, everything is like the scene of heaven. What could be more unforgettable than letting the blue sky and clear water witness your promise in this life?

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Lawn wedding

The air is filled with the aroma of plants. You can gently touch the dew or dance on the grass in white dress. The green garden is like a wonderland, the petals of white roses are flying in the air. You irresistibly take a deep breath to feel your purest love. Accompanied by the sunshine, flowers, grass, relatives and friends, you can share the unique wedding atmosphere in the embrace of nature.

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Church wedding

Although church weddings are long-held customs in western history, they are still new in China and are more suitable for individualized newlyweds. The sacred and solemn atmosphere of the church wedding makes your wedding more ceremonial. The clear sea, the blue sky, the church, the white gauze, all the elements of a dream wedding actually appear here. Everything will be better because of your attendance.

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Yacht Wedding

A yacht is a symbol of luxury. Imagine if your wedding is held on a white yacht sailing on the sea, how romantic and enviable will it be? Compared with ordinary weddings, there are restrictions on the number of attendees, but the novelty, luxury and romance are incomparable to general weddings.

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Undersea wedding

The ocean is mysterious and vast. Have you ever imagined holding your own happy wedding in the vast ocean? Put aside the traditional ornate wedding, take the sea as the palace, the fish as the witness. You can hold the hand of your beloved and behold the magical undersea view. You can step into the undersea bridal chamber, and hug and kiss your love.

Recommendation: Sanya Thetis Diving Club


Villa wedding

Villa wedding is more private, only close relatives and friends watch the ceremony and send blessings. It will be grand and warm. On that day, the beautiful bride will walk down the stairs, satisfying your sweetest fantacy. The villa wedding in the new era is more controllable and convenient to the newlyweds. Coupled with the layout and details, the wedding will be unique and memorable for the two people.

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Forest wedding

Forest weddings mostly give people fresh, simple and comfortable feelings. You can find the purity of the wedding from nature and recall innocence. In the purest environment, you can make the most sincere oath with the most innocent heart, and start a new journey of life. With forests as the background, wooden stakes as stools, vines as decoration, and little stars hanging in the sky, this is the purest forest wedding.

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