Recommend wonderful wedding photography bases in Sanya

Sanya, as one of the cleanest islands in China, with clear sea, blue sky and pleasant climate, is a romantic place dreamed of by all couples. In the photos taken in Sanya, the water is clear, white gauze reflects the blue sky, giving people a sense of freshness in spring and serenity. There are also coconut groves, beaches, reefs and lawns in the photos. Thousands of couples come here to take wedding photos every year. Come to Sanya and let the sea witness your eternal love.


Tianya Haijiao Wedding Photography Base


Tianya Haijiao Wedding Photography Base has always been recommended for wedding photos. Tianya Haijiao is a tourist landmark in Sanya. "Tianya Stone" and "Haijiao Stone" have always symbolized the unswerving love between two people. It is romantic to take wedding photos here. There are many elements in the scenic area: beach, reef, southern pavilion, beautiful swing, Santorini windmill, large lawn, ecological coconut grove, wedding site and so on.


Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

婚礼广场 热带天堂森林公园_副本.jpg

This is the main filming site for the famous movie If You Are The One 2. In the park, there is a famous cable bridge across two mountains, the trial marriage room, a unique Western-style church and a Tianchi on the top of the mountain. You can have a panoramic view of Yalong Bay.


Wuzhizhou Island Wedding Photography Base


The sea area around Wuzhizhou Island is clear and transparent, and the bottom of the southern water has well-protected coral reefs. It is one of the few islands in the world without the mixture of rocks and pebbles. The shooting elements include blue sea, silver sand, Beauty Reef, Sun Reef, Love Tree, lover's Bridge, swimming pool, sailboat, wharf and so on.


Fenghuangling Haishi Shanmeng scenic spot


Fenghuangling is the highest peak in the city center of Sanya, unmatched within a circumference of 40 li. It is the only place in Sanya with a panoramic view of the four major bays (Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai, Yulin Bay and Yalong Bay). It is also the best location for a 360° bird's-eye view of the whole city of Sanya.

The shooting elements include Haishi Shanmeng Square, Zigzag Bridge, the Crystal Palace, the high-altitude cable car and so on.


Haitang Bay Paddy Field National Park


Paddy Field National Park is characterized by Li culture, which integrates various elements such as folk custom experience, ecological leisure, healthcare and science popularization education, and has a rich and colorful cultural environment. Here, you can view thousands of acres of paddy fields, watch China Star Dinosaur, and experience the countryside life and sentiments of Field Carnival.

The shooting elements include paddy fields and thousands of mu of flower sea.


Rose Valley Wedding Photography Base


Sanya Yalong Bay International Rose Valley is the largest rose valley in Asia with the theme of "Rose Date, Romantic Sanya", with the original ecology of farmland, reservoir and mountain forest as the main body, and colorful roses as the carrier.

The shooting elements include Huatian Xishi Rose Wedding Area, hot air balloon, RV camp, Rose Town.


Ainuo Qinghai Yacht Shooting Base


Ainuo Qinghai Yacht Shooting Base is located at the foot of Luhuitou Mountain, the the national forest park and beside the beautiful Valentine's Bay. Phoenix Island, a landmark in Sanya city, is the unique shooting background of the Base, with beautiful international urban scenery on the island.

The shooting elements include coastal scenery, the interior wharf and high-end yachts.


Daxiao Dongtian Wedding Photography Base


As the oldest scenic spot in Hainan Province, Daxiao Dongtian has attracted countless visitors of scholars and celebrities because of its strange and beautiful mountain, sea, stone and forest scenery.

The shooting elements include tropical coastal scenery and tropical biological landscape.


Banshan Bandao Wedding Photography Base


Banshan Bandao is located in Sanya City, Hainan Province, with a total area of nearly 5000 mu and a total construction area of 2.4 million km2. It is a super-large-scale high-end coastal tourism real estate project covering a whole industrial chain.

The shooting elements include: villas, apartments, hotels, sailing port, golf clubs, Gothic wedding churches, yachts and art centers.


Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor


Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor is a 20-km-long esplanade built along Sanya Bay, known as the "Best Avenue in Asia". Along the way, you can see the beautiful and charming tropical botanical garden beside the sea, contrasting with the silver beach and the blue sea. On the other side of the Corridor, there are various kinds of garden-style modern buildings such as leisure resorts.

The shooting elements include coastal scenery, tropical plants and fishermen's customs.


Dadonghai Reef


Dadonghai beach is flat and soft, slowly stretching to several kilometers long. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on one side. In the crescent-shaped bay, the sand is flat, the water is clear, the wind is light and the waves are soft. The trees are green and can make shades, and colorful shells are readily available. On the seaside hill, you can see strange reefs and splashing sprays. you can climb to the top of the hill along the concrete path and view the scenery of the South China Sea, which makes you feel relaxed and happy.

The shooting elements include coastal scenery, reef fortress, wharf and diving.


Night View of Hexi Road


Along the west bank of Sanya River, Hexi Road passes through scenic spots such as Valentine's Bridge, Sanya Mangrove Park, as well as commercial buildings in the city. As the night falls, the neon lights of the city, the landscape lights of the Sanya River and the colorful lights of cruises reflect each other, forming a unique lighting effect.

The shooting elements include: Sanya River landscape, urban landscape and night view.


Sanya Yacht Tourism Office


Sanya Yacht Tourism Office is located in the natural peninsula at the estuary of the Sanya River and the Linchun River. It faces Dadonghai scenic spot in the east, and Luhuitou across the river, adjacent to a number of yacht clubs and yacht ports, owning the best port in the country and tropical marine landscape resources.

Shooting elements include: bay exterior scenery, yacht port and riverside landscape.


Yanuoda Tropical Forest Park


Yanuoda Tropical Forest Park is mainly composed of Rain Forest Valley, Dream Valley and Sandaogu Scenic Spot, which combines the culture of Miao and Li ethnic group, so that visitors can experience folk customs as well as the primitive ecological scenery. In Sandaogu Scenic Spot, there are waterfalls, strange rocks, giant trees, Longtan, Xiequan and other canyon views, as well as high-altitude rope slide projects for tourists to experience.

The shooting elements are: Li and Miao customs, tropical plant landscape and canyon landscape.


Other Wedding Photography Places

Romantic Moments - Terrace浪漫时刻 - 观景台 三亚太阳湾柏悦酒店.jpg

Hotel swimming pool, racecourse and sea lighthouse.