Play strategy for families in Sanya

Look for more fun in beautiful and charming scenic spots, feel the cultural charm of Sanya in thrilling performances, enjoy the diversity of Sanya cuisine in magnificent feasts, and immerse in parent-child fun in major bay area resorts. This play strategy for families in Sanya, you can't miss it!

Part 1 Where are you going to play in Sanya?

Wuzhizhou Island


Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is a 5A grade island resort with good water quality and many kinds of undersea corals;

2. There are all kinds of water sports such as banana boat, flying boat and parasailing.

3. Scuba diving.

Sanya Paddy Field National Park


Reasons for recommendation:

1. The Children's Dream World located in the paddy field can exercise children's imagination and hands-on ability;

2. After 17:30, there will be 7D Light and Shadow Park and various theme lighting devices.

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

过江龙索桥 (20)热带天堂森林公园(1).jpg

Reasons for recommendation:

1. The suspension bridge, the Filming Site of If You Are The One 2 ;

2. There is also a fashionable glass road for viewing the scenery of the sea, heaven and forest;

3. You can have a close contact to the 18° north latitude tropical rain forest.


Luhuitou Scenic Spot


Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is the home mountain of Sanya people. Located in the center of the city, its transportation is very convenient;

2. You can enjoy the sea, sky and urban scenery of the Deer City;

3. In the Zhulu pavilion, you can feed the fawn and get close to the animals.



Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is located in the center of Sanya, surrounded by mountains on three sides;

2. The sea breeze and shadow of coconut trees surrounds the bay, showing a southern scenery of clear sea, blue sky, green coconut trees, lush mountains, white sand and shallow bay;

3. It is a free 4A-grade scenic spot with complete surrounding facilities.

Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor


Reasons for recommendation:

1. The seaside here is suitable for walking, running and cycling;

2. the seaside sunset by the coconut grove will make children feel the quiet beauty of nature.

Winter Camp on Banshan Bandao


Reasons for recommendation:

1. there is a sailing activity and a parent-child paddle board activity;

2. Children can learn the structure of a sailboat, how to rig a ship with sails and geographical knowledge such as hydrology and wind direction, and have practical trainings such as

3. Ayaking and paddle board exercises, which will help to improve their practical ability;

4. It can cultivate children's sense of teamwork and help them enjoy the fun of collaboration.


The West Island


Reasons for recommendation:

1. It has a primitive fishing village in the South China Sea with simple temperament.

2. The transportation is convenient, from the wharf in Sanya Bay, the ferry can reach the West Island in only 15 minutes.

Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area


Reasons for recommendation:

1. One of the famous scenic spots in Sanya;

2. The "Tianya", "Haijiao" and "Nantian Yizhu" stones are very popular.

3. It is 20 kms away from the city.


Daxiao Dongtian Scenic Area


Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is the "800-year Scenic Spot in Hainan", with stones, caves, old pines and sea;

2. The Sanya Nature Museum in the Scenic Spot is the only natural museum in Sanya;

3. All kinds of equipment suitable for a photo-shooting tour are all over the Scenic Area.


Yazhou Ancient City


Reasons for recommendation: Yazhou Ancient City is the southernmost ancient city in China;Yacheng Confucius Temple was the highest Study Palace in Ancient Yazhou and is the southernmost Confucius Temple in China.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone


Reasons for recommendation: It has a 108-meter-high "world-class and century-class" Buddhist statue "Nanshan Sea Guanyin".

Damao Ocean Ecological Village


Reasons for recommendation:

1. The parent-child accommodation in Damao Ocean Ecological Village can bring you close to nature;

2. You can participate in the parent-child picking activities to experience the rural joy; or parent-child outdoor training activities to cultivate children's courage.

Part 2 What kind of performances can you enjoy in Sanya?

Red Detachment of Women Performance Art Park


Reasons for recommendation:

1. There is a The Liberation of Hainan Island, a large actual landscape show with real coconut trees,  exercising indoor film and television special effects;

2. You can review the Red history.

Sanya Qianguqing Romance Show Scenic Spot

《三亚千古情》剧照 (6).jpg

Reasons for recommendation:

1. The large-scale Sanya Qianguqing Romance Show deduces the historical and cultural legends of Sanya;

2. There is a small Songcheng Ice & Snow World.

Atlantis "Live Show C"


Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is suitable for both the young and the old, and three generations can enjoy together;

2. Using the 3D water stage of sea, land and air, it restores the legendary, mysterious and ancient world of Atlantis.


Yalong Bay Magic Stars


Reasons for recommendation: The main show, Magic Stars, is a large-scale international magic show, created by world-renowned magic masters.

Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town Joy Theater


Reasons for recommendation:

1. Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town is one of the new representatives of night tourism in Sanya;

2. The Happy Theater is staging Win the Joy Island. The sea lions will cordially interact with the big and little friends, and the atmosphere is good.

Part 3 What do you eat in Sanya?

If you must eat seafood when you come to Sanya, Tui Tui recommends you to eat in these places.

the First Market

Reasons for recommendation:

1. You can buy seafood yourself: choose a seafood processing shop and let the owner take you to buy seafood, which is fresh and has a wide variety;A table of seafood price is posted in the market, and a fair scale is set up at the entrance and exit.

Sanya (huochetou) Seafood Market

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is near Sanya train station with nice environment, a little far from the city. It has plenty of processing shops, which has wide variety of seafood with fresh and inexpensive processing, and is not as crowded as the first market;

2. It is suitable for self-driving, but the price of seafood is relatively high.

Yalong Bay Outlets Seafood Plaza

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is located in the center of Yalong Bay, and has giant shopping malls and Sanya IMAX Dolby Hall Cinema nearby;

2. The seafood vending area is exceptionally clean, and you will come across rare crab seafood if you're lucky;

3. The market is strictly managed and the prices are reasonable.

Tips of eating seafood:

Eating fishes from March to May, eating sea urchin and abalone from June to August, eating shrimp and crab from September to November, and eating oyster from December to February of the following year;

In addition to seafood, coconut rice and Wenchang chicken can be ordered as well;

The mango conch tastes better. The lobster head is used for cooking gruel, and the tail is for steaming.

You can choose the following food except for seafood:

Main course:

Four famous dishes in Hainan Province: Wenchang chicken, accretion of duck, Hele crab, Dongshan mutton

Hainan rice noodle:

Hainan is famous for Baoluo rice noodles, In fact, there are Hainan rice noodles, Houan rice noodles, Sanya Gangmen rice noodles. Do not forget to have a bowl of Lingshui sour rice noodles when comes there


There are Qingbuliang (locally called xiéng bòu liō), paederia scandens dessert, fried ice with coconut milk, fried ice with fruits and fried yogurt, etc.


Shredded coconut cake, Hainan rice dumpling, shrimp cake, coconut cake, and coconut rice, etc.

There are some food street areas that are worth going in Sanya:

Explore ten food streets in Sanya

Part 4 Where to live in Sanya?

There are reasons to visit all four major Bays in Sanya.

Haitang Bay

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is located in the east end of Sanya, 1-hour driving away from the downtown;

2. It is suitable for vacation and leisure with high star hotels around, adjacent to Sanya International Duty Free City;

3. The sea quality in Haitang Bay is quite good. The sand quality of it is not as good as Yalong Bay's. The waves are relatively high, and it is not advisable to swim here;

4. In the area, there are Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya Paddy Field National Park and Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town, which are suitable for parents and children.

Five-star recommendation:

Atlantis Sanya Resort Complex:

Fresh and exciting Atlantis Water World, enjoy the joy of water sports;

Observe and watch marine animals in Lost Space Aquarium;

Visit Atlantis Yu Garden Lantern Festival at night to refresh the culture of Chinese Lantern Festival.

Other references:

Crowne Plaza Sanya Haitang Bay Resort;

Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts in Sanya Haitang Bay Resort;

Sanya Hangtang Bay Mangrove Tree Resort Hotel.

Yalong Bay

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is 28 kilometers from Sanya downtown, with relatively mature commercial facilities in the vicinity;

2. The various hotels are linked together and can be reached by walking, being one of the earlier developed Bay areas in Sanya;

3. The sea water quality and sand are relatively good, surrounded by attractions such as Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park and Rose Valley.

Five-star recommendation:

MGM Grand Sanya:

Most of the rooms have a panoramic view of Yalong Bay;

The hotel holds theme party during the day, and there are also occasional entertainment shows in various areas;

The hotel offers FUN motion land surfing, which is easier and safer to operate;

Karting, VR battleship, sea castle, bubble island water park and chocolate dream factory and other parent-child experiences.

Yalong Bay paradise on earth - Nest Holiday Resort:

It is located in the Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park;

All nest guest room are above the jungle with clouds and fog. View sea water and sky connecting to each other, and enjoy private space;

The location of the movie "If You Are The One II".

Other references:

The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort;

The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay;

Yalong Bay Welcome Hotel;

Saya Yalong Bay Sheraton Hotels & Resorts;

Yalong Bay Mangrovetree Resort.

Sanya Bay

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is close to the downtown Sanya and the airport, and is convenient to live;

2. Hotels open early and are much more cost-effective, with a relatively large number of tourists, especially tour guests;

3. There is the Coconut Dream Corridor and the Sea and Moon Plaza, which are good places for swimming, watching sunset and walking.

Five-star recommendation:

Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree Resort World:

Large resort complexes;

It has a theme park with a children's playground and an Amazon Rainforest suitable for parents and children;

With cost-effectiveness.

Club Med:

Only needs three-minute walk to the quiet beach;

A great place for parents and children with a combination of hotels, parent-child fun and water activities programs;

All inclusive.

Other references:

Sanya Conifer Resort;

Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa.

Yazhou Bay

Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is located in the west end of Sanya. Watch the sunset at sea;

2. Adjacent to attractions such as Nanshan Temple, Fairyland and the Tianya Haijiao Tour Area;

3. It is relatively quiet, and guests who hope less people can choose here.

Five-star recommendation:

Beluga Sanya Discovery Ocean World:

Aquatic secrets, marine popularization of science;

Swim together with fishes, and enjoy the water.

Other references:

Sanya Yazhou Bay Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton

Tips of choosing Bays:

1. The first time to Sanya

Go to Yalong Bay, stay in the hotel, hang out and see sights, eat buffet, and walk by the beach, which will all satisfy you. The surrounding facilities of Yalong Bay Hotel are mature and complete. One day before the departure from Sanya, go and book a room in Sanya Mangrovetree Resort. Take a walk around the city's nearby attractions, eat at the seafood market, and take your kids to play with the parent-child facilities at Sanya Mangrovetree Resort.

2. Hope the transportation is convenient

You can choose to live in Sanya Bay and Dadong sea, quiet with beach and sea sights. There is Luhuitou Park nearby, and is close to various seafood plazas.

3. Hope to stay in the hotel quietly

If you want to stay in the hotel in peace and enjoy the star hotel service and facilities, you can choose Haitang Bay. Get to Wuzhizhou Island to blow the sea breeze and eat fish steak, or you can stay in Wuzhizhou Island directly.

4. Hope there are fewer people

You can get to Yazhou Bay to watch sunset, travel South Mountain and other major famous attractions in Sanya.

In addition, there are distinctive B&Bs in West Island, Bohou Village, Zhongliao Village and Back Sea, etc.

Part 5 Other references of activities

1. Visit the bookstore: Fangsuo (Sanya International Duty Free City II), Love in Reading (Shibu Farm Street), Study on the Sea (West Island), Echo Bookstore (Maling Community);

2. Watch sunset: Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor;

3. Lantern Festival: Luhuitou Riverside Park;

4. Yachting at sea: Sanya Yacht Tourism Office;

5. Low-altitude flights: helicopter sightseeing tours;

6. Tax-free shopping: Sanya International Duty Free City, Sanya Sea Travel Duty Free City, China Service Sanya National Duty Free Shopping Park;

7. Great Sanya tourism circle: Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area, Hainan Binglanggu Li and Miao Cultural Heritage Park, Lingshui Nanwan Monkey Island Ecological Tourism Area.


Take this parent-child travel guide and plan a trip to take your kids out to enrich their minds and broaden their horizons. Parent-child outings allow children to play with their nature to their heart's content. In this tropical romantic city with blue sea, coconut wind and sea charm, it is also a meaningful thing to accompany the growth.