Sanya Paddy Field National Park is a good place to go for parents and children

In Sanya, there is such a place, full of strong spring atmosphere, is a good place for parents and children to play, health and leisure. Here, you can enjoy the endless sea of flowers and rice fields in the daytime, let children talk with ancient dinosaurs, and punch in all kinds of interesting games; In the evening, you are in the beautiful light and shadow show, which is wonderful from day to night. There are three steps to play in Sanya rice National Park.

Step 1: punch in classic project


Among the classic projects in the park, you can choose to go to the thousand mu flower sea to experience the spring Limited tour of flowers; In the Dinosaur Trail, let children cross to the Jurassic era and have zero distance contact with dinosaurs; In the rice field, let the children feel the fun of farming... Multiple play, invite you to Sanya rice National Park to enjoy a spring festival! Walking into the rice Park, the air immediately filled with hope for all good things. Warm cool wind blowing cheek, mixed with the fragrance of the sea of flowers; The wind ring in the ear swaying, can not help but let people have a beautiful fantasy, like falling into a dreamy Wonderland.

Nearly a thousand mu of Gesang flower, sulfur chrysanthemum and various marigold, qianrihong, peacock grass and other flowers are in full bloom. At a glance, they are gorgeous and beautiful. Look around, from sunrise to sunset, can bring you different visual shock.

Experience the charm of time and space through billions of years with children


As the world's largest dinosaur outdoor exhibition base and science popularization base, there is the world's large-scale 1:1 dinosaur science popularization exhibition base "China Star Dinosaur Park", with more than 300 super realistic prehistoric beasts. They can not only flexibly rotate their bodies, but also simulate sound production, bringing a powerful audio-visual experience. Here, you will travel with hundreds of dinosaurs to explore the historical traces of dinosaurs and the significance of ecology and life. The 1.5-kilometer-long Bailong trail stretches across thousands of mu of flower sea and rice fields. The small one is less than 20 cm, and the big one is as high as 38 meters. It's like a journey through the Jurassic period, where children can have a new understanding of dinosaurs and experience unprecedented impact and shock!

Bring children together to experience the joy of cultivation and harvest


Come here, of course, you can't miss the rice planting experience project. In Sanya rice National Park, a complete set of research and learning routes has been formed, including rice transplanting, rice fishing, rice lecture hall, rice breeding, DIY five grain painting and other characteristic research and learning products and a variety of characteristic research and learning experience, so that children can expand their horizons, enrich their knowledge, and deepen their closeness to nature and culture. With the earth as the cloth and rice as the painting, you can enjoy the rice sea, smell the fragrance of rice, swim in the rice fields, and experience the joy and happiness of farmers' bumper harvest.

Step 2: enjoy the experience of net popularity


In rice National Park, you are dazzled by many fun projects. The steam train takes you along the train track through the Huahai rice field; High altitude hot air balloon and power paraglider take you to overlook the beautiful scenery of Haitang Bay; Net red helicopter, feel the wonderful experience of blue sky and tentacle with excellent perspective... As well as all kinds of equestrian experience, Lewis tension SUV, military shooting experience and other amusement projects, to meet your fantasy!

Take the power paraglider to indulge in the mountains and seas, 360 ° Enjoy the panoramic view of Haitang Bay. It adopts internationally recognized safety aircraft and has a professional coach to lead the flight one-on-one, with extremely high intimacy and safety factor; There are professional aerial equipment to record your flight time. In the sky, you can feel the dynamic flight experience of soaring to the sky, rush to the sky, embrace the blue sky, race with the wind, and see the beauty of rice fields. This is one of the projects we can't miss when we come here!

The helicopter experience project newly launched in rice National Park, you can take the helicopter to experience the unique tour experience created by the exclusive aviation flight camp of Haitang Bay. From a different perspective, you can overlook the whole rice National Park, the boundless green rice fields, the gorgeous sea of flowers, and the blue Begonia Bay. You can't stop the thrill!

During the day, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery by the thousand mu paddy fields in the rice National Park, enjoy the flowers in the thousand mu sea of flowers, watch the dinosaurs on the hundred dragon trail, and experience all kinds of thrilling and thrilling tourism projects. At night, you can't miss the surprise. Idyllic disco dancing, misty forest, Starry Sea... Beautiful night after night waiting for you!

Step 3: watch the fireworks at night


At night, in Sanya rice National Park, there is an unprecedented sensory feast waiting for you to punch in!

In order to present the splendid scene of the field lights in the new spring, the 7d light and shadow paradise, which is jointly built by the rice National Park and the professional 4A level R & D team, has seven theme blocks and 31 elements, and is elaborately designed and decorated. At the same time, it integrates the sound and light show of dinosaur earth night to form a different dream scene, creating a gorgeous light and visual feast for the citizens. 7d light and shadow paradise activities will continue until March 31, come to feel the dream and wonderful! There are also red light scenes of avatar tree of life, Aurora Borealis and dream light sea; As well as time tunnel, wandering planet, moon Avenue, 7d dynamic Aurora, star tunnel, Galaxy beach and other creative cool elements, this is not only a fun paradise for children, but also a good place for lovers to date. Both bright and romantic, people of all ages can get happiness here! Along the landscape route has been forward, the beautiful scenery is overwhelming. What will come into our eyes are the bright scenery of the Star River, the happy and romantic Ferris wheel, the vivid and vivid shape of the cute panda, the avenue of stars outlined by geometric figures, and 80 million neon lights to create the ultimate romance... All kinds of lamp sea special effects seem to place people in another world, with the ultimate dream!

Practical information

Business hours: 8:30-22:30

Ticket selling time: 8:30-17:30

Address: Haitangwan rice National Park, Sanya (800 meters to the right of Linwang exit of g98 Expressway)

Bus routes:

① Route 23: Phoenix Island - rice National Park - Nantian farm( First bus 05:50, last bus 19:20)

② Route 28: Phoenix Island - rice National Park - Wuzhizhou island( First bus 05:50, last bus 18:10)

③ Route 33: Nantian farm rice National Park Phoenix Airport( First bus 07:45, last bus 19:20)

④ Haitangwan Road 1: Wuzhizhou Island - rice National Park - Nantian hot spring( First bus 07:00, last bus 18:30)

Self driving route: high speed g98 and 223 national highway can reach; 

Tencent and Baidu map search: Sanya RV experience area; 

Starting from Sanya: Yingbin Road - lizhigou - g98 expressway of east line around the island - Damao tunnel - Haitangwan interchange - Linwang exit - rice National Park