Three things you can not miss in night Sanya

Different from the leisure of the day, Sanya's night is romantic and sentimental, with a trace of SA. There are taverns, bars, beach walkers, food stalls and night markets.

Slightly drunk in Sanya Pub


During the day, like many cities, Sanya also has its own rules and order. Only in the evening, when the night falls, the incandescent lamp lights up, the rolling door of the pub's Qingba opens, and the young people gradually gather together, can Sanya's night show its true appearance. An ideal city should have its own atmosphere, and bars and bars are the places that bring atmosphere to the city.

Er Ma Pub


The Er Ma Pub in Sanya is hot and warm. The open-air venues, together with the green plants with a full sense of life, and the light and color of the river bank interweave a different style. The "Tiao Ba Gua" and "Zui San Xian" here are classics. Among them, when the sweet and sour plum meets the crisp rice wine, it looks like a cool beauty. It's a cool breeze of hot Sanya night life.

Coast 11


Coast 11 is like an old boat house, covered with coconut trees, bamboo house, stone windowsill, shipwreck in the sea. Looking out from the "coast 11" Qingba by the sea, the scenery is open and the sea and sky meet. There are charming sunset scenes, stars all over the sky, and fishing boats "fighting" with the sea in moonlight. In addition to a drink, the dishes and drinks here are also recommended: duck tongue, cucumber strips, dried squid and so on.

Walking on the beach of Sanya Bay


If you have seen the sea in the daytime, you should go to see the romance and sentimentality of the sea at night. In the evening, enjoying the sunset at the beach of Sanya Bay is the most emotional thing. The pink sunset looks like a girl's face. So local residents know that it's time for nightlife to begin.


The sea knows the vitality of the city best. When the sun completely sank into the coastline, the beach ushered in its happy moment. The old couple singing to each other, the old man walking around, the citizens dancing in the square, the wandering artists playing and singing alone on the beach, the young people running at night, and the lovers in love constitute the cultural landscape of the city.

Erhu and guitar, red song and rock, tradition and youth, different ages and different regions, all people gather here. Sanya embraces all in the most gentle way. Everyone is the favorite of this city.

Enjoy in Sanya's seafood stalls


Sanya's night is an old night market full of lights and crowds, and a seafood stall full of appetite all year round.

First market


No one knows the first market in Sanya. It accompanies many people to grow up, witnesses the development of Sanya City, and records the traces of the city's history. Here lies the unique fireworks of Sanya. Coconut carvings, pearl handicrafts, shell bags, Flower Island clothes, souvenir shirts, etc. there are hundreds of stalls in the hall, showing the temperament of street lane which is completely opposite to that of star hotels, restaurants and bars of petty bourgeois literature and art.

Locomotive ten thousand people seafood square


In Sanya, locomotive Wanren seafood square is one of Sanya people's late night canteens. There are a lot of seafood stalls on the locomotive. Local fishermen catch seafood which is quickly delivered and imported from abroad. Every seafood area is full. And the seafood price here is transparent! Affordable! The prices and processing fees of seafood, fruits and vegetables are clearly displayed on the big screen, which is very reassuring. Another feature here is buying and processing on the spot. There are countless seafood processing gears in the locomotive. After you buy seafood, you can directly send it for processing. You don't have to wait for a long time to eat these "spoils".