Super comprehensive list of traveling Sanya at night

The sun is setting, and the night falls. Colorful neon lights light up the city's night sky, and the heavy color has opened the prelude of Sanya night life. In Sanya night, you can enjoy drinking and barbecue, or listen to the song and watch the performance show gracefully. Sanya night, there are countless romantic, unlimited possibilities.

Night tour in Sanya: 8 super fun ways to punch in

Jiefang Road is one after another at night, people gather in the first market night market to search for treasure. No matter how busy people are, they will be moved by the laughter of the riverbank. Sanya night, there are always countless happy and romantic.

01 The only route for the athletes to travel in the night


Sanya Luhuitou scenic spot - Sanya Fenghuang Mountain haivow Mountain Alliance scenic spot - Sanya linchunling Forest Park

Highlight: from the beginning of the lights to the dusk, stand on the top of the mountain and look out for the lights of the whole family. The gorgeous neon and bright street lights make Sanya's night scene shine. Far away is the light of stars, and the people who are thinking about it are in front of you. Happiness is beyond this

Practical information

Sanya Luhuitou scenic spot

Address: Luhuitou scenic spot, Luling Road, Jiyang District, Sanya City

Time of entry: 08:00-22:30, and stop entering the park at 22:00

Sanya Fenghuangling Haishishanmeng scenic spot

Address: turn right 100 meters before Hongsha tunnel entrance, zhuangouling Road, Fenghuang Road, Sanya

Business hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 08:00-21:00, Tuesday 13:00-21:00; Please check in before 19:40 on that day

Sanya Linchunling Forest Park

Address: opposite the beautiful crown tree mansion on the east side of Linchun section, Fenghuang Road, Jiyang District, Sanya

Business hours: 07:00-21:30,21:00 stop entering

02 Bright Sanya Bay night tour to see the sea


Cruise ship to sea - Phoenix Island Light Show - Coconut Dream Corridor

Highlight: when night falls, the Phoenix Island Lighting show of Oriental Dubai begins to show. Neon on the shore lights up, and the bay is like a night line of lights, winding and long. On the cruise ship, listen to the sound of the waves, feel the light of Sanya night in the wind, and enjoy the gorgeous night customs of Sanya Bay.

Practical information

Night tour of sailboat

Night travel time: 18:30-19:45; 19:00-20:15; 20:00-21:20; 20:30-21:50

Night tour of the light of the ocean

Night travel time: 19:00-20:10; 20:10-21:20

Night tour of sea bus

Night tour time: 19:15 shifts per day

P. S. different routes of cruise ship may be different. Flights can be changed at any time. Please consult with customer service in advance.

03 The show that Sanya must watch in the evening tour of fashion performance


Atlantis C show - Sanya red lady military performance Park - xiudu Sanya - Sanya Junda automobile technology performance hall

Highlight: watching a wonderful cultural performance is a good choice to feel the charm of Sanya culture. Watch Atlantis C show tell the ancient and mysterious legend of the ocean, and then go to the motor show hall to have a extreme challenge and feel the speed and passion of the car performance. The red flag is a cluster of brocade on the Penang river. Watch a large coconut sea live performance "red maiden army" in the night of the city, feel the magnificent years and aftertaste the classics.

Practical information

Atlantis C show

No.36, North Haitang Road, Haitang District, Sanya City

Performance time: 16:30-17:30 (afternoon);

20: 00-21:00 (night)

Sanya red lady military performance art park

The east side of Penang River, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province

Performance time: 20:00-21:00

Xiudu Sanya

Yalong Bay International Conference Center, No.11 Longxi Road, Yalong Bay, Jiyang Town, Sanya City

Business hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 18:00-01:00 (closed every Monday)

Magic show show time: 19:30-20:40 every Sunday to Sunday

Show time of square: 18:40-19:10

Sanya Junda automobile technology performance hall

West side of Phoenix police station of Haiyu west line, Fenghuang Town, Tianya District, Sanya City

Performance time: on time at 19:30 every night

04 Dream night tour of ancient and modern experience of Sanya culture


Yazhou ancient city - Sanya thousand ancient scene area

Highlight: explore the local Li Miao culture characteristics in Sanya thousand ancient scene area and feel the grand history of Sanya. Or to the Yazhou district full of gentle market wells, feel the quiet and beautiful day, and become a lively ancient city in the evening. Dream of ancient and modern customs, always push the front of the bright.

Practical information

Sanya Yazhou ancient city

On important festivals, you will have the opportunity to see the light show at the gate of the ancient city of Yazhou (even if there is no light show, the night view of the ancient city is beautiful.)

Sanya Qiangu scene area

No. 333 Yingbin Road, Jiyang District, Sanya

Business hours: 15:00-21:30

Performance time: 17:00-18:00 (first stage);

20: 00-21:00 (second field)

05 Delicious night tour with tongue tips no one can leave Sanya thin


Mass street / Jianshe street / Tuanjie road / commodity street / foreign trade road

Recommendation: four directions food, but a bowl of fireworks. But the Sanya people who love to eat are naturally not willing to eat three meals a day. The oil fried noodles, the fragrant noodles soup, warm seafood porridge, sweet and refreshing seafood barbecue and sweet coconut water... People continue the lively day and are captured by countless delicious foods. Sanya welcomes everyone who comes to her with delicious taste.

06 Shopping carnival night tour together to be happy "buy buy buy" girl

Haitang Bay-4(1).jpg

Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street Sanya international duty free city - outlets, No.1 Town, Yalong Bay - Shangtong customs free cross-border store

Highlight: night falls, and the day's compact work is over. Shopping is one of the most relaxing ways to relax people. You are pursuing exquisite life and trend. Don't miss these places.

Practical information

Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street

Beside Jiefang No.2 road bus station, Tianya District, Sanya City

Sanya International Duty Free City

118 Haitang North Road, Haitang District, Sanya City

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

Outlets, No.1 Town, Yalong Bay

Longxi Road, Yalong Bay, Jiyang District, Sanya City

Business hours: 09:30-22:30

Shangtong Customs Free Cross-border Store

In the first floor shopping mall of summer department store, Yuya Road, Sanya City

Business hours: 10:00-22:00

07 Fishing village style night tour fishing village style night tour experience Sanya night


West Island fishing village / South Sea fishing village / Houhai

Highlight: stroll around fishing village, look at the vast Bay and browse delicious food. There are human flavor and market style. Without deliberate search, you don't have to explore hard, blowing the sea breeze, you can feel the cultural heritage of fishing village at any time.

08 Fashionable vitality night tour modern youth, don't sleep hi


Sanya Haichang dream ocean not night city bar street saga Miami

Highlight: travel through coconut forest during the day to hear the sea is rough. Night hidden in the bar, with friends to drink a cup, fine taste Sanya night color of the unique style. Or, when night falls, sit 88m high "Sanya eyes" and enjoy 360 ° The most beautiful coastline in China.