One day in Haitang Bay, you can play like this

Haitang Bay, known as the "National Coast", is 28 kilometers away from downtown Sanya. There are convenient transportation and a variety of luxury hotel resources and high-end service system, making it a veritable paradise for vacation. Since the launch of the "Hainan Free Trader - Island Tour" campaign, the Bay Area has garnered a lot of attention.


Please bookmark the Haitang Bay play route, so you will not miss these activities.



Sanya International Duty Free City Shopping paradise

 免税城 (3) s.jpg

A beautiful Haitang trip starts with shopping. Shopping is something that can easily make people feel happy. Look at the shelves full of goods, Tuitui's mood is instantly cured.


The first station that Tuitui chooses is Sanya International Duty Free City full of strong atmosphere of shopping. It is the largest single duty-free store in Asia. As the opening-up of Hainan Duty Free Policy recently, it has become a place where more and more people go shopping.



Opening hours: 10:00-22:00, suggested time for avoiding steam of people: 10:00-12:00 or 20:00-22:00;

Duty Free City often carries out activities, so you can follow their official social account to get the latest information about the activities before purchasing;


The mall is divided into Zone A and Zone B. Zone A mainly contains cosmetics, perfumes, etc.; Zone B mainly contains electronic products, watches and jewelry, etc. The mall is too large, so it is recommended to choose the shopping area according to your needs in order to save time.



Fangsuo/The standard of literature and art

航拍景 免税城.jpg

If you're tired of shopping at the mall, then go to Fangsuo, which is about 5 minutes away from Duty Free City, and rest your soul and body. Walk into Fangsuo, listen to the reef, waves, sea breeze and other design elements echoing in the building; step on the revolving staircase and encounter those books about leisure, tourism, etc. that belong exclusively to Sanya. Finally, choose a seat next to the window, and have a cup of coffee, stare at people come and go, relax yourself.


Fangsuo, which was named "Bookstore of the Year" at the 2019 London Book Fair, features a modern, wood-based monograph style, oceanic design elements, and a high book wall inspired by a "reef cave". It shows literature and art everywhere. In addition to reading books, it's suitable for taking photos here.


Address: No. L121, First Floor, Phase II, Sanya International Duty Free City, No. 118 North Haitang Road, Haitang District, Sanya City

Business hours: 10:00-22:00



Haitang 68 Global Food Street/Food is the priority


After playing half a day, a hungry stomach should be rewarded with food and drink. In Haitang 68 Global Food Street, Tuitui chooses a Hainan private dining restaurant, listens to the original and beautiful island story. In local private dishes, feel the beauty of Qiongxiang.


Address: No.68, Haitang North Road, Haitang District, Sanya City


Haitang Bay 68 Global Food Street is a commercial complex that combines food and dining, stores and shopping. The street covers restaurants of Sichuan, Hunan, Thai, Guangdong and Hainan style, etc. One city with several fine restaurants. Follow Tuitui to enjoy the cuisine of various countries here.



Haitang Plaza/Moment of healing mood


Haitang Plaza, which becomes the main venue of Hainan Island International Film Festival, is the gateway to the tourism area of Haitang Bay. When comes to Haitang Bay, Tuitui can not miss the opportunity to see the sea in Haitang Plaza.


The midday light reflects on the body, warm and comfortable. People in the plaza is very few. Tuitui looks at the sea in the distance, recalls the starry scene of Hainan Island International Film Festival, feeling the same landscape as stars, which is a rare and valuable travel experience.



The waves are strong in Haitang Plaza, and it's not recommended to play in the sea;

Sunglasses must be worn as fashion single product both for avoiding shade and being cool.



Afternoon tea in the hotel/Enjoy leisure time



How to spend the afternoon of a day trip in Haitang Bay? In Haitang Bay, which has a lot of tourism resources for coastal resorts, Tuitui decides to spend the afternoon with a hotel afternoon tea.


At Sanya Baoli Rosewood Hotel, taste floating afternoon tea surrounded with the sense of art. Water in the pool and skin are slightly burnt by the bright sunlight. Take a large sip of coconut juice, taste a small bite of snacks, and chat with a friend aimlessly. A long afternoon is warm and cozy.


Address: No.6, Haitang North Road, Haitang District, Sanya City


Many high-end hotels in Haitang district also have very pleasant afternoon tea. The above one is only one of Tuitui's choices, you can make a decision according to own preferences and budget.



Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town/ The darker, the more beautiful


The last station of one day trip in Haitang Bay is Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town to feel more and more beautiful of Sanya night. There are 13 entertainment programs, more than 30 performances of global style performances and 8 themed restaurants in the scenic spot, which is a good place to eat, drink and have fun. The tired body needs a feast to replenish energy after a day of playing, so you can eat a big meal in the scenic spot before continuing to get high.


After eating and drinking, take a walk in the scenic spot, watch the show, listen to the sound of laughter in the park, and sit in the sea ferris wheel known as the "Eye of Sanya" to enjoy the bright lights of Sanya night scenery. Leave the fatigue and irritability behind, and quietly feel the night time in Sanya Haitang Bay.


Address: No.168, Haitang Avenue, Haitang District, Sanya City


If you don't want to eat in the scenic spot, many buffet dinners in high-end hotel of Haitang district are also very delicious, so you can choose according to your own preferences, and it is recommended to bring a few more "stomachs".