Come to Sanya Zhongliao village, and experience "slow" life

Under the construction mode of beautiful villages, Sanya's countryside is becoming more and more distinctive. Whether it is rural landscape, creative arts, or local humanities as well as history and culture, all of them are changing every village in a subtle way. At the same time, it promotes the development of tourism in Sanya. Located in the north of Sanya City, beautiful village of "Hainan Province Five Coconut Level"-Zhongliao Village, is a good place to experience the "slow" life.


1.Enjoy your trip in Zhongliao Village [Step into a century-old village in the midst of mountains and water]



As one of the original pure Li primitive villages, Zhongliao Village has a cultural history of one hundred years. After the baptism of time, Zhongliao Village has retained the unique "original flavor" of the Li village in the process of "butterfly transformation", but has also been labeled as "fashionable". This is the beautiful village life that many people aspire to.


Step into the Zhongliao Village, Tuitui is like falling into a different world filled with green, high and old tress, fresh and clean scenery. It's quiet and cozy here. Sniff the fragrance of flowers and trees, and tired eyes and mind are instantly washed under the natural growth of all things. In addition to walking, you can choose to take the sightseeing bus to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way; or ride a bicycle on the 14-kilometer "most beautiful cycling path" to get in touch with nature and see the unique texture of the natural villages and the magic of nature. Enjoy the beauty of the journey in a green and easy way and feel the relaxing and fun cycling experience.


The holiday is coming, why not find a quiet place and live in Zhongliao Village with your family. Relax yourself and cultivate leisure, experience the special culture of the Li ethnic group, feel the countryside atmosphere and wilderness, and experience the slow life in the village. This is a good place for family vacation, health preservation and traveling.


2.Fun in Zhongliao Village [Enrich your village trip with various playing ways]



There are many fun places in the poetic and picturesque Zhongliao Village. You can enjoy the mountainous and Li songs at Zhonghe Lake, watch Li performances in the Li family courtyard, flip through history books at the village bookstore, experience handcrafted woodworking at the woodworking workshop, learn movable character printing at the non-heritage school, taste the sweetness of the special Shanlan wine at the Sanbufang, and experience the fun of picking tea in person at the South African leaf tea workshop. Experience various interesting activities here and feel the charm of the Li cultural and ecological village.


Listen to the sounds of the mountains along the way at this point. Zhonghe Lake in Zhongliao Villages not only has a stunning view, but you can also enjoy the vivid performance of "Shanshui Li Song". Stand on the trestle around the lake to watch and listen to the Li song with ease and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, forests and clouds. This is also a good place for taking photos.


Listen to Li songs, dance with bamboo sticks and enjoy the nose flute performance in a small Li family house full of charm. With the coconut grove as the background and the courtyard as the stage, under the leadership of the Li brothers and sisters, experience the original Li traditional dance in person. Tuitui is deeply addicted to the rare joy at this moment.


Cunshang bookstore is one of the places in Zhongliao Village where Internet celebrities will come to visit. There are thousands of books in the bookstore, from out-of-print classic nostalgic books of the 70s and 80s to modern popular books. There is a collision of culture and history from inside out. This is the offline sharing place of Fandeng reading club, so you can immerse yourself into the book sea, and enjoy the slow time quietly.


Experience handmade crafts, feel the distinctive culture of the Li people. In wood art workshop, there are instructors on site to teach you. From the selection of materials, production to polishing, a piece of art is gradually formed in their own hands. This is the perfect product belongs to you. Learn the culture of Li nationality, which you can not miss when you come to Zhongliao Village. Diversified characteristics of Li Township take you to experience the charm of ancient culture.


3. Palatability in Zhongliao Village [Taste countryside specialties]


When you come to Zhongliao Village, the food is certainly can not be missed. All the dishes in the restaurant are taken from the village fields, which not only retains the characteristic authentic flavor, but also leaves a taste in the mouth, capturing the taste buds of many diners!


Xianyouji base restaurant is the representative of Zhongliao Village's special restaurant. It is an open-air restaurant under the areca palm, wrapped by the areca palm group, lush with green , refreshing and comfortable.


4. Rest in Zhongliao Village ["Lying down" to release the fatigue of the day]


Hidden in the coconut grove from the old residential house, it is upgraded into the B&B. Not only it retains the elements of the characteristics of the Li ethnic group, but also is abundant in a strong modern atmosphere. It's a perfect choice to live here to experience the distinctive style of Li nationality.


Life is busy, the pace is fast. Escape from the life filled with steel and concrete to enjoy the beauty of life. Come to Zhongliao Village for vacation with your family and friends! You can place yourself in the mountains, the clouds and the sea, let go of the footsteps of nature, listen to the sounds of the mountains and plains, empty your brain, and reap a peace of mind in this quiet place.