Shuinan Village-- Hainan's first cultural ancient village

Under the construction of beautiful countryside, "Rural areas turn into scenic spots, farmlands turn into attractions". Many villages in Sanya completed a gorgeous transformation, attracting a large number of tourists to play, which promotes the development of tourism in Sanya. One of the representatives of the cultural village is Shuinan Village, where you can walk along the countryside roads, see the dappled marks carved by the years, visit the hometowns of famous people, explore those times gone by, and imagine what happened in the past. What a pleasant journey.

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1. Shuinan--Famous people's hometown


The stone gate of Shuinan Village is engraved with many ancient words. The former residences of famous people are hidden among the lush trees, the yellow and green tile buildings are engraved with mottled marks, and the unique historical flavor is exuded from every grass and tree.


Shuinan Village has a history of more than 2,000 years ago. It is the birthplace of ancient Yazhou culture, known as "Hainan's First Cultural Village". In 6th year of Sui dynasty Daye, Hainan adds Linzhen prefecture. This is the place where the county town and the county jurisdiction of Ningyuan lies in. It can be said that Shuinan Village is a crucial section in the historical evolution of Yazhou District.


Shuinan Village also has deep or shallow ties to many famous people in history. Li Deyu, Zhao Ding, Lu Duoxun, Hu Quan and other courtiers were framed and exiled here. Huang Daopo came here to study textile skills with great concentration. Poets and literary men lived here in exile, so Lu Duoxun also called it "the home of the recluse and scholar".


Stroll through Shuinan Village, visit cultural monuments such as the Lu Duoxun Memorial Hall and Shengdetang, and open that wooden door. It is as if you have returned to that ancient dynasty and the long scroll of history is slowly unfolding in front of your eyes.


Located on the banks of the Ningyuan River, the Lu Duoxun Memorial Hall displays works of art, calligraphy, photography, couplets and other artworks reflecting the ancient and modern styles of Shuinan Village, as if telling posterity about the years of exile. Look at the statue of Lu Duoxun in the center of the back hall with a peaceful look and deep gaze. Tuitui seems to think of the scene when he wrote "Shuinan Village".


The description of poem shows the folklore of Shuinan Village. It is a place of mountains and seas, where the people are simple, where fishing and farming are abundant, where things are sufficient in all seasons, where recluse live, and where poetry and rituals are passed down from scholar to scholar, as if it were an overseas peach garden.


Shuinan Village and Lu Duoxun had an inseparable bond, so they became Hainan famous historical sites of the Song dynasty celebrities, known for a thousand years of Hainan's historical and cultural village. Nowadays, the poem "Shuinan Village", which expresses the beautiful desire to live away from the tedium of political life in the imperial capital and to live in a paradise outside the world. It is not only the essence of Chinese landscape poetry, but also a poetic document that records the charm of Yazhou's history.


The "mansion" of Shengdetang is hidden among the areca palm and banana bushes. When you enter the old house of Pei Wenyi in the Tang Dynasty, the pillars of the roof carved with dragons and phoenixes and the fine and vivid relief carvings of lotus flowers show the prosperity of Shengdetang. It has been the former home of many people and a private school where people were taught and educated.


Walk in this space with faint woody fragrance in the warm breeze, it seems that you can feel the traces of famous people living here in the past generations, see the scene when Hu Quan personally wrote a plaque as a gift, and vaguely hear the sound of reading in the private school.


2. This is Shuinan with secular life in the world


The best taste of the world is the most tantalizing secular life. Shuinan Village not only attracts visitors with its history and cultural flavor, but also with its prosperity and secular life.


Eating breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables come across each other. Breakfast on street sides is various, and it is too much to choose. The teenagers on the court accurately throw the ball into the basket, and people in the restaurant come one after another. The street vendors shout, and the old people sit in front of their homes chatting. This is a real picture of secular life that belongs exclusively to Shuinan Village.


It is a different experience to feel the history and culture in secular life. Listen to the melodious songs coming from the school radio, watch people in happiness coming and going, and quietly savor the monuments left behind by the years. This kind of modern and historical landscape is interwoven, giving Tuitui a sense of security to the heart and making me happy.


The heavy historical flavor and secular life make Shuinan Village unique and charming, while the prosperous scene in the fields adds much vitality to the countryside.


Old houses are interspersed with tall buildings, areca palm and coconut trees both point to the sky. Green in vast fields, rivers are meandering. Not far from the blue mountains, a few farmers are whispering about today's harvest in spacious avenues. There is the beautiful scenery in the front, which is now called Shuinan Village.


This place is undergoing changes, and the poems in the Yazhou Zhi have gradually changed the appearance of Shuinan Village, which has slowly completed its transmutation over the years and is flourishing with the new era.


Frequently travel through busy city with concrete and steel, people begin to miss the fragrance of the countryside and the slow pace on the contrary.


If there is no place unreachable, you might as well slow down your pace. Walk into this ancient cultural village with Tuitui, feel the fresh culture, smell the fragrance of the countryside. At that moment, you will fall in love with this wonderful countryside that avoids the hustle and bustle.


Tips of traveling and playing in Shuinan Village

1.Shuinan Village is about 49 kilometers away from the center of Sanya, about 65 minutes by car; take bus No. 58 at the intersection of the first market to reach the entrance of Shuinan Village directly;

2.The shrimp cakes, Gangmen sour noodles, mutton noodles and salt-baked chicken at the entrance of Shuinan Village are all quite good and worth trying.